National Bowling Arm Championships – 7-9 Sep ’15
This years “National Bowling Arm Sides Championship” was held at the Tranmere Bowls Club situated 6 kms east of Adelaide, South Australia. The Club boasts 3 “new” synthetic greens in a picturesque setting.

The Overall Tournament Director was Mike Porter, the State Side Managers/Coordinators were; Don Reid (SA), Phil Gude (VIC) and Vince Daly (SA) and the Organizing Committee comprised of: Rodney Egge, Ron Mitchell  & Mike Porter.

There are 18 players in each States Representative Side, those Sides being:
The NSW “Woomera’s”, the South Australian “Sturt Peas” and the Vic’s.

From Bob VIC2015 VIC fr Rod

Vic’s: Barry Anset (Bendigo), Ray Arnold (Dromana), Barry Atkins (Romsey), Ray Bezett (Benalla), Stephen Coles (North Balwyn), Neil Crisp (Warrnambool), Doug Corrigan (Ringwood), Graham Edwards (Swan Hill), Peter Gribbin (Pakenham), Terry Gilmore (Eaglehawk), Phil Gude (Dromana) (Vic. Side Manager), Malcolm Finch (Golden Square), Tony Long (St Leonard’s), Bob Ormesher (City of Frankston), Arthur Parker (Main Ridge), Ann Power (City of Frankston), Adele Ryan (Ocean Grove), Lee Wesley (Romsey). Missing: Mike Scotter, selected but unable to attend.

From Bob NSW2015 NSW Team fr Rod

How the “Woomeras” lined up.

2015 Woomeras.JPG

NSW: Malcolm Adams (East Maitland), Warren Allomes (East Maitland), John Davis (Belmont), Kenneth Davies (Muswellbrook RSL), Stephen Gilchrist (Lorn Park), John Hamilton, (Lorn Park), Michael Kedwell (Teralba), Gloria Lamb (Beresfield), Michael O’Neill (Teralba), Clayton Parker (East Maitland), John Passfield (New Lambton), Gail Reid (Beresfield), Don Reid (Beresfield) (NSW Side Manager), Trevor Solomons (Maitland City), Allan Starrett (New Lambton), Roger Sydenham (South West Rocks), Barry Troope (Halekulani), Edward Wozniak (East Maitland), Stan Wrzeczycki (New Lambton).

From Bob SA2015 SA Team fr Rod

SA: Ron Adam, Peter Amos, Brian Bagshaw, Colin Baker, Arch Baxter, Malcolm Borlase, Vince Daly, (SA Side Manager), Rodney Egge, Peter Faull, Rodney Haywood, Allan Hill, Johnny Ivanica, Rodney Knevitt, Phil May, Chris Prow, Stuart Reither, Bill Richards, Barry Robran, Don Sheldon.

(Thank you Bob Ormesher and Rodney Egge for these photos)



Tranmere Bowls Club is playing host to this year’s most awaited event in the Armed Bowlers calendar, the “National Bowling Arm Sides Championship”. It is situated 6 kms east of Adelaide on the corner of: Magill Road and Kings Grove, Tranmere, South Australia and boasts 3 new synthetic greens.

There are 18 players in each States Representative Side, those Sides being:

The NSW “Woomera’s”

The South Australian “Sturt Peas” and

The Vic’s

In addition to these are the numerous co-coordinators required to keep things ticking over smoothly, some visiting bowls dignitaries, family, friends and other supporters and maybe even the odd reporter or two. No doubt there will also be representatives from the bowling arm manufacturer’s community.

Over all co-ordination, catering, greens preparation and juggling, cleaning, umpires, markers, measurers, and scoreboard attendants, falls to Tranmere and we know they will do a wonderful job. Tranmere also run a wonderful calendar of armed bowling events throughout the year, I believe.

And so…, following a warm welcome, due ceremony and photos, we got down to business.


Day 1 Rd 1 Fours.

NSW – Parker def Anset (Vic.), Solomons def Prow (SA), Sydenham drew against Reither (SA) for 5 points

SA – Only 1 point here for the above draw

Vic. – Long def Starrett (NSW), Coles def Egge (SA), Crisp def Amos (SA) for 6 points.

Day 1 Rd 2 Fours.

NSW – Sydenham def Coles (Vic.), Starrett drew against Amos (SA) for 3 points.

SA – Egge def Parker (NSW), 1 point for the above draw for 3 points.

Vic. – Crisp def Solomons (NSW), Ansett def Reither (SA), Long def Prow (SA) for 6 points.

Day 1 Leader Board.

Vic 12, NSW 8, SA 4.

Day 2 Rd 1 Pairs.

NSW – Davies def Coles (Vic.), Starrett def Reither (SA) for 4 points.

SA – Amos def Long (Vic), Egge def Allomes (SA), Prow def Adams (NSW), Richards def Solomons (NSW) for 8 points

Vic. – Anset def Adam (SA), Crisp def Parker (NSW), Gude def Wrzeczycki (NSW), Wesley def Sydenham (NSW), Gilmore def Ivanica (SA) Gribbin def Borlase (SA) for 12 points

Day 2 Rd 2 Pairs.

NSW – Wrzeczycki drew against Ivanica (SA), Parker def Amos (SA), Starrett def Long (Vic) for 5 points.

SA – Borlase def Sydenham, Ivanica 1 point for draw above, Richards def Gude (Vic), Adam def Davies for 7 points.

Vic – Gribbin def Solomons (NSW), Gilmore def Adams (NSW), Wesley def Prow (SA), Anset def Allomes (SA), Coles def Reither (SA), Crisp def Egge (SA) for 12 points.

Day 2 Leader Board.

Vic 24, SA 15, NSW 9.

Overall Leader Board

Vic 36, SA 19, NSW 17.


Day 3 Rd 1 Singles (21 up, 4 bowls.)

NSW – Parker def Faull (SA), Solomons def Coles (Vic) for 4 points.

SA – Richards def Adams (NSW) for 2 points.

Vic. – Anset def Starrett (NSW), Crisp def Haywood (SA) Edwards def Sheldon (SA), for 6 points.

Day 3 Rd 2 Singles

NSW – Solomons def Haywood (SA), Starrett def Sheldon (SA) for 4 points.

SA – No points

Vic. – Coles def Richards (SA), Wesley def Faull (SA), Crisp def Adams (NSW), Edwards def Parker (NSW) for 8 points.

Day 3 Rd 1 Triples

NSW – No points

SA – Amos def Wrzeczycki (NSW), Egge def Allomes (NSW) for 4 points.

Vic. – Atkins def Prow (SA), Corrigan def Reither (SA), Long def Davies (NSW), Finch def Sydenham (NSW) for 8 points.

Day 3 Rd 2 Triples

NSW – Allomes def Atkins (Vic), Wrzeczycki def Corrigan (Vic) for 4 points.

SA – Reither def Sydenham (NSW), Amos drew against Finch (Vic), Prow def Davies (NSW) for 5 points.

Vic. – Long def Egge (SA), Finch drew against Amos (SA), for 3 points.

Day 3 Leader Board.

Vic., 25, SA 11, NSW 12.

Overall Leader Board

Vic. 63, SA 30, NSW 27/29 (?).

2015 VIC fr Rod

2015 SA Team fr Rod

2015 NSW Team fr Rod

The scores tell it all…………….a resounding three in a row win to the Vic’s!

Well done too: The Overall Tournament Director Mike Porter, the State Side Managers/Coordinators: Don Reid (SA), Phil Gude (VIC) and Vince Daly (SA) and the Organizing Committee of: Rodney Egge, Ron Mitchell  & Mike Porter.

Photos courtesy of Bob Ormisher & Rodney Egge, Scores Lee Wesley.

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2015 Armed Challenge Day 1 (3)2015 Armed Challenge Day 1 (4)

Day 3 Triples Rds 1 & 2.Day 3 Singles Rd 1 & 2

AND here’s the victory photo of the 2013, 2014 and now 2015 Winners, courtesy of Bob Ormisher.

Winners Vic fr Bob