I hope ALL Armed Bowlers embrace this site and contribute in any way that is helpful to our group. I have collected the Vic., N.S.W. and S.A. Armed Squads photos over the years along with Coaching tips and tricks from various States and Coaches. I have a good number of flyers for Upcoming Armed Tournaments.  The fabulous photos taken by Hans Gaymans showing the 2014 and 2015 “Battle of the Arms” Challenge competitors at the (first to have such an event) City of Frankston B. C. are also there to see. I have noticed that Armed Bowlers find it difficult to locate all that they need to know to enter the Armed Bowlers world, and/or to improve their skill level. Indeed just knowing where to get an arm and how to choose one that suits is not always easy. To that end I have set up this site in the hope that my future and current “brothers in arms” will have a central port of call when they begin or continue their journey with the Arm. Feel free to forward any items of interest to Armed Bowlers Australia via pamelabryant@bigpond.com.  Cheers & Good Bowling! Pamela




3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks Pamela, you are doing more than your share for armed bowlers.

    In particular, I like the way you are prepared to post radical views.

    I believe that “toeing the party line” is what inhibits progress and all bowlers know that we need some real progress. Fashion (colored clothing) is put forward as progress but let’s be fair, if fashion (what we wear as recreational bowlers) is our biggest progress in 50 years, then as bowlers we do need to “air our options”.

    Pamela, my congratz and thanks to you.


  2. You are doing a really good service to all armed bowlers and would be a/bowlers. Thanks Pam. Marion S


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