Approved Arms and Maker’s

Click here to read this great little poem by Peter Hemmens which amusingly and realistically sets out the pathway all “Armed Bowlers” must tread.

You can find Peter at the Belmont Bowls Club (Geelong, Vic.). Thanks Peter.

International Traveling Tip from Lee Wesley

“All bowling arms must be placed in our checked in baggage only as they can be broken and used as a weapon. The best way as Trevor has said is pack it in the middle of your clothes. The only other warning is just declare it as sporting goods when travelling international otherwise they will think it’s something really strange”

(Ed Note: I took one into a hospital to show someone…you should have seen the looks I got, I think they thought, I had a gun!)

Getting Approval to use a Bowling Arm.

Affiliated Bowlers must obtain State or Territory approval, up front, to use a Bowling Arm.
In general, bowlers would present to their Club Secretary a medical certificate that states the members need to use an Arm. The Secretary signs an accompanying form and sends both to your State body. A card acknowledging that “approval is given to use the Arm” is posted to the applicant and the Club is advised. Your State body also advises Bowls Aust. of this approval and you name is included in a National Register of Arm users. The card must be available if requested.

An important notice to Arm Bowlers from Bowls Vic. 25/11/’16 states:

Many arm players will have Credential Cards that are unnumbered dating back over five years and will not have a number to include with their registration for the upcoming State Arm Titles at MCC Swinburne Avenue in January 2017.

In this case we request players simply tick the form in the area requiring their Registration number and bring along the credential to the event and have it replaced with a new numbered credential that will be there for them.

New credentials will only be handed over on receipt of the now outdated card and players will need to prove their certification prior to play.

Below are links to the 3 “approved” manufacturer’s that may assist you in your purchase and choice of Arm. Let me say, they are all there “to help”! Some have better websites than others, but don’t let that put you off searching and choosing according to “your” needs here. Have “yourself” assessed by a Coach! Choose the Arm that suits YOU!

Click here for the Bowls Australia approved Bowling Arms

This page has not changed for many years, the link above is current as at 6th Feb. ’18. (Ed.)

Click here to view a list of stockists, State by State, provided by Bowls Aust.

“The Dart Release” – A New Arm Approved and Released in 2017.

Designed and produced by Richard Haddrick (Ballarat), sponsored by Fashion Club Wear. Comes in small, medium & large, or other by consultation.  You can contact Richard on 0467 503 200 or email Richard at You can read Richard’s coaching tips in our “Coaching Tips” Section. The unit is lightweight and easy to use. A great starter, for the first time user.

The Dart Release: The trigger system is a natural relaxing movement to release the bowl and quiet instinctive, it also enables full control playing up shots and drives because of the 2 or 3 fingers(depending on the finger you use on the trigger) remaining firmly around the handle, the rolling of the cat (jack) is a separate contact point.

The basis of a Bowling Arm to achieve a competitive edge is as follows.

  1. Need a sound release system where you don’t have to retrain your brain.
  2. Need a grip to maintain full control of all shots.
  3. The release system needs to be able to cope with all weather conditions, wet, dry, shiny bowls so every bowl comes out the same.
  4. Adjustment for length would be very helpful to the bowler.

“The Bowling Arm” – Made in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia by Greg Sherman

Latest Colours/latest video from Greg, Click here. 

The single arm below is a hold and release model (thumb release is also available). Two new colours have been added “Deep Pool” and “Pink” AND….a new innovation “Club Colours”, is also available.

How good is that! In all 18 colours to choose from.

Available in 4 sizes. The length of the arms, measured from the top of the ‘D’ handle to the bottom of the cup is as follows: Short – 585mm, Medium – 645mm, Long – 730mm (extra short is also available)

Click here for some Coaching and Maintenance tips. from their “Bowling Arm and Bowls Test Centre” site

They also have a Facebook site Click Here

The Bowling Arm Best

The Drakes Pride Bowling Arm

Greg Sherman Business Card

The Bowling Arm “can be delivered to your door” Just ring 03 54437133 or email



(Click here for the Drakes Pride UK Site)

The DHB Bowling Arm – Made and Designed in Australia – By Dean Winton and available from Hunter Bowls.

Click here for the Order form.

Click here for the video on how to use the DHB Arm.

Check out their Website: or Email them at:

Showroom: Unit 9/8 Victoria Avenue Castle Hill NSW 2154 Sydney

PH: 02 9634 5888 FAX: 02 9634 5855
DHB for Site

Bowling Arm Length * all measurements are from the top of the handle down to the bottom of the scoop.

Extra Small: 60 cm
Small: 64 cm
Medium: 68 cm
Large: 72 cm
Extra Large: 76 cm

To find the best size to order, please measure your hand to ground length

A Hand To Ground of 68 cm = XSmall DHB Arm.
A Hand To Ground of 72 cm = Small DHB Arm
A Hand To Ground of 76 cm = Medium DHB Arm
A Hand To Ground of 82 cm = Large DHB Arm
A Hand To Ground of 88 cm = XL DHB Arm

(Click here to read a great profile story of the maker, Dean Winton – by Bob Bourke for the “Bowls Central Coast – Zone 15 Site”.)

Arm shown is a hold and release model.

“The Bionic Bowling Arm” – Made and Designed in Australia.

Email Peter Bloomfield at

Available in left, right or centre push button release or hold & release.

1. Short – 60cm (For bowlers up to 5ft tall)
2. Medium – 65cm (For bowlers up to 6ft tall)
3. Long – 70cm (For bowlers over to 6ft tall)
4. Wheelchair – 50cm

Bee's_Knees_Bionic_BowlerThe Bionic ArmBionic Squeeze Trigger

To apply to use a Bowling Arm you need to download the Application Form relevant to your State, or ask your Club Secretary to arrange it for you.

The latest “Laws of the Game” for Armed Bowlers.

Laws re Bowling arms

To download the application for registration in YOUR State.

Click here for the Q’ld Application

Click here for the Vic. Application

Click here for the Women’s Bowls NSW Application

Click here for the NSW Application

Click here for the ACT Application

Click here for the SA Application

Click here for the WA Application

Bowls NT. says “Lawn bowls is one of the few sports which can be played for a lifetime. There are various items of modified equipment which can enable a bowler to continue with the sport – long after their body first tells them it’s time to slow down!

For example, a “Bowler’s Arm” allows persons with a hip or knee injury to continue to enjoy the sport of lawn bowls for many years to come. These devices need to be approved before being used in competitive bowls.”

Bowls Tas. says “Bowlers in Tasmania do not require an application form to use a bowling arm, they simply need to provide a Doctors certificate to their Club confirming that one is required. They are included in the National Register.

At this point in time they do not have a specific Bowling Arm tournament as such but they do hold a “Tasmanian Bowlers with a Disability Championship” in January each year and Armed Bowlers are eligible to compete in this.”

They have the Bowls Australia “Artificial Devices Policy” on there Website


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