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Armed Pairs Tauranga South 24 Mar 19

New Zealand hosted its first (known) Armed Pairs Tournament at the Tauranga South Club venue on Sunday 24th March ’19. It’s a start, and hopefully the first of many such events!

It was an early (9.00am) start on what started out to be a very overcast drizzly day with no wind. As the weather crescendo-ed to a sunny 25 degrees, so did the camaraderie and the skill level of the entrants. All were very happy and keen to improve and impress. (Perhaps their happiness, was due in part to, the big lunch given?)

The sponsors were: First Mortgage Trust.

There were 4 games timed to 1 hour and 20 mins each. Now that’s different?

Well done Tauranga South! (Sincere thanks to Pat and Meg Dillon) Click on the photos.


Tauranga 1Tauranga 2Tauranga 3

Tauranga SouthThe May 2016 Tour


(Photo courtesy Ronsley Gude and Bowls Vic. Click on the link above to see their report.)

All photos from the ABA report below are at the story’s end.

  • Last 2 day’s for our Armaroos in NZ. Report from our travelers. Well done to all you did us proud.
  • Day 10 NZ Trip: Well we started off the day with a sleep in until 7:30am. Unfortunately, we had a significant amount of rain last night but the weather man was telling us that there will be no rain today with a chance the sun might even pop its head out of the clouds. Most of us went for a walk around the city streets this morning doing last minute shopping and maybe a coffee or two. At 10am we jumped on the bus with Lyn and headed to Browns Bay bowls club which is a really lovely club with 4.5 greens 3.5 grass, 1 carpet. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rains last night leaving the greens flooded we had to play on the 10 rink carpet green, which was a very nice 15.5 seconds. Adele Ryan, Phil Gude and myself lead a group of 20 people for coaching. About 6 of them were actual coaches themselves and were there to learn off us how to coach arm bowlers. One couple in particular traveled 2.5 hours just to be coached by us. This group was very dedicated and really wanted to learn. We then headed in for lunch which was a very lovely. The team then relied together out on the green for the last time to do battle with what turned out to be our toughest competition yet with the Aussies actual losing overall by 2 shots. 3 rinks down (Ansett, Long, Corrigan) and 2 rinks up (Egge and mine). I unfortunately didn’t skip today my health took a turn again and I was unable to stand straight without my head spinning. Stan Swalinski from NSW took my spot and I played second. There was however a joke going around that they were going to get Lyn our bus river to play in my place but they couldn’t because my Arm is taller than she is. We then jumped back on the bus and headed for our motel over the beautiful harbour bridge. The team then all went out for our farewell dinner at the Lord Nelson Restaurant next door. We shared stories and memories of our trip and enjoyed a fantastic meal. Tomorrow we all set sail for home the SA leave at 8am and NSW and VIC at 9am.
  • Day 9 NZ Trip: Today saw one of only 2 cloudy days with rain in the afternoon. We started off by packing the bus with Lyn and we headed off to the Stadium Bowls Club (formally city of Hamilton). Adele Ryan, Phil Gude and myself took a group of very enthusiastic people for coaching we also had a couple of local coaches that wanted to learn how to teach people with bowling arms which was fantastic and shows maybe we are getting threw to the NZ bowlers. Unfortunately, the club is going through some issues at the moment and only had 14 players to rival us so we played 3 teams of 4 and 1 pairs. It also gives some players that haven’t been well a rest. The Aussies won well with all rinks up but my rink won 35 – 1 after only 12 ends. I am not gloating, the opposition played OK but when your team are playing as well as mine did it’s easy. We even picked up 5 shots were there wasn’t a bowl outside 12 inches. We then had a magnificent lunch were you had the choice of pies, pasties, make your own fresh bread rolls, cakes, slices and scones. Once we had eaten the best preformed Aussie rink was given a hat from the club as a reward. We then jumped back on the bus and headed for Auckland but of course we stopped for ice creams and a Toilet stop in the little town of Bombay. The ice cream stores compete against each other and you can even get a 12 stack ice cream but nobody was game. We then continued on and arrived at the motel. After a rest we went for dinner it was some free choice tonight so Barry Anset, Ray Arnold, Ann Power, Adele Ryan, Heather & Tony Long and myself went to the casino for the best burgers I have ever had. Tomorrow we have free time in the morning then head for Browns Bay bowls club for coaching and the last game. We then have our final dinner together before we fly home.
  • 9th-11th May ’16. Well today we said poroporoaki (goodbye) to the magical Lake Taupo, we are headed for Hamilton. On the way we stopped at Huka Falls. It was beautiful seeing the crystal clear water and the raging torrents and at the bottom of the falls a pretty rainbow. We then continued on to the fascinating Wairakei Geothermal power fields which turns the steam into electricity this station produces 8% of the power for NZ. As with all our long trips we stop off for coffee and a toilet break which was at the quaint town of Tirau. It has the most fascinating corrugated iron sculptures, buildings and signs with fantastic little cafes. We then continued on to Hamilton were we stopped for lunch in the heart of the city and picked up one of the local bowlers to take us to see the Hamilton Gardens and see some of the local buildings. The gardens are absolutely enormous we didn’t even have time to see it all but we finally got to see New Zealand’s famous Silver Tree Ferns and various other gardens. The team then asked Murray out local bowler could we go and have a practice at the local club which of course he said yes. Some did stay at the motel but most of us went to this massive club with 3 greens but only 50 members which is unreal. We had a roll playing 2 bowl pairs. We then traveled back to the motel to get changed and headed out for dinner at the local RSL club which was a very nice meal indeed. Tomorrow we are coaching in the morning then playing the locals from stadium bowls club Hamilton then we set sail for Auckland again. Lee Wesley.
  • Another victory at Hamilton. The Big game is on tomorrow against Browns Bay Bowling Club Auckland. Ann Power.
  • 8th May ’16. Well we started off were we always do packing the bus ready for the trip to Taupo. Just as we boarded we made a special presentation to Lyn our Bus Driver or as we all call her mother Lyn for Mother’s Day. We then set off through the fields, mountains and forests towards Taupo. Lyn then surprised us all by showing us the most beautiful waterfall Waipunga Falls. We arrived at Taupo which overlooks the largest inland lake in New Zealand. We had some lunch and s look around town then off to the dock for a cruise on Lake Taupo. We set off into the distance to see some beautiful Maori carvings in the rock face and some of the boys did some trout fishing and they even caught some. The guides had prepared us all some wonderful afternoon tea and then even prepared the fish the boys caught both raw like sushi and cooked on the BBQ. We cruised back into port and were taken to our wonderful accommodation Wellesleys Hotel. Then free time for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow we play the locals at Taupo Bowling Club. The Traveler’s all.
  • Latest NZ Herald Report
  • 7th May ’16. Well the morning started off interestingly we got dropped off by Lyn to this walkway between the houses, as we walked up here is this magic little bowls club Kia Toa with 2 tiger turf carpet greens and a large clubhouse. The greens were covered in dew which made for an educational roll-up as the green was running about 15.5 seconds. We were greeted by the mayor of Hawks Bay Council and various other officials then the games begin. All rinks got off to a flyer then the dew come off the green and the sun come beaming out, the green then dropped 1.5 seconds of pace to about 14 seconds. The Aussies took a bit to adjust but once we did off we all went getting all 5 rinks up. GO AUSSIES. In for lunch which was a selection of sandwiches, savory’s, cakes and fruit. Then back on the bus for a bit of a tour around town to see Watties food factory, orchards and a bit of local art and statues. We then headed to the new Club Hastings were we greeted with a gorgeous two course meal of either chicken or steak and veggies and cheesecake, chocolate cake and ice cream for desert. We then jumped back on the bus ready for the motel. Tomorrow we are off to Taupo for a cruise and afternoon tea around Lake Taupo and off course a bit more sight seeing should be fun. The Traveler’s all.
  • NZ Herald Report on our Armaroos visit. Click here.
  • 6th May ’16. We packed up the bus and headed for Napier, on the way we stopped past the mud pools and the hot springs which was Mother Nature at its best. We arrived at Napier through the port and then in the distance you could see the magical Art Deco buildings and gorgeous beach front. We stopped for lunch and had a walk around I think nearly all of us walked into O possum world to see possum fur mixed with Merino wool to make some magnificent products jumpers/hats/toys.
    Then back on the bus with Lyn and off to Hastings. We had a meal together at the Angus hotel which they all said was very nice. Tomorrow we play Kia Toa bowling club which according to the locals are pretty tough as they have won a few pennant titles recently. Lee Wesley.
  • Spent yesterday sightseeing in Rotorura and visited the Maori Village in the evening, had a wonderful night. Now in Hastings for 2 days, another game tomorrow. Alan Starratt and myself were interviewed by the local paper so will be in the morning edition. City of Frankston’s involvement with the creation of the Arms Tournaments should be featured as well in the article. Ann Power.
  • Meet our coach driver Lyn and squad bowler Lee. Amazing lady with all the local knowledge. Been driving around New Zealand for 28 years. This is the job you do when you’ve had enough of nursing. Lee Wesley.
  • 5th May ’16. Wow what a day. Mt. Maunganui made us feel most welcome. President of Bowls New Zealand opened the event after we marched out with the flags. The ARMAROOS had another win, our rink had a very good win. The seafood lunch was delicious; we were then presented with lots of lovely goodies including the one twist memento. Ann Power.
  • 5th May ’16. Well again as promised NZ delivered on the weather with a magical sunny morning at Mt Maunganui Bowls Club Adele Ryan, Phil Gude and Myself ran a coaching session with about 30 bowlers ranging at different skill levels. Everybody that attended the session was very happy and took a lot out of the session. We then lined up for the playing of both the Aussie and NZ national Anthems. Then the competition began it was very close at first with the locals taking a slight lead then the Aussies pounced of course we won 3 rinks to 2. Shock horror I even won my rink. We then had a magnificent lunch supplied by the club of seafood and salad and for those not into seafood a lovely chicken in mustard sauce and salad. We were blessed to have the President of Bowls New Zealand there to watch us play and join us for lunch. Mt Maunganui then gave us a fantastic gift a local Maori art piece. Then we took the bus to Rotorua along with seeing the sights on the way like the local springs and heritage buildings. At 5:30 the group then split most heading to dinner and show in the traditional Maori Way and some just going to a local restaurant. Tomorrow we are off to Napier to see the sights and then down to Hastings ready to play our next game Saturday.Lee Wesley.
  • 4th May ’16. Day 3. Well Day 2 over and done traveled 4 hours to Tauranga. We’ve seen some absolutely spectacular scenery mountains, forests, goldmines, rivers and streams and even a train line through the mountains. When we arrived you are overlooking a big port on one side and golden beaches on the other. A bit more sightseeing then a magical dinner at Mt Maunganui bowls club with the local players that we will be competing against tomorrow. Day 3 will see us coaching the locals then the big game against Mt Maunganui and the president of New Zealand.Lee Wesley.
  • 3rd May ’16. The Armaroos had a great day on the green. Excellent indoor facility. Lee & Adele coached the “Bowling Arm “New Zealand players while the rest of us practiced for the afternoon game. Our rink had a very good win, an overall win against the Clubs “hand bowlers”. The club presented us with medallions to commemorate the event see below. Lovely people. Ann Power.
  • 3rd May ’16. We had a great day at Pukekohe cosmopolitan bowls club. It started with me and Adele Ryan doing a coaching session. A fantastic lunch then a great game of bowls Australia won 3 out of 5 rinks and won the day. I got beat by 6 shots but considering we dropped 13 shots in 3 ends not a bad effort. The locals over here are fantastic and very kind. Tomorrow we are off for sight seeing in Tauranga about 3 hours from Auckland should be fun. Lee Wesley.
  • 3rd May ’16. Day two finished with our first encounter with the Kiwi’s and the Armaroos had a good win. Three rinks up and two down. Happy to say my rink had a win by one shot. Tony Long.
  • 2nd May ’16. The Armaroos arrived safely in Auckland, on a beautiful and calm evening. Bowling at 10 am tomorrow. Looking forward to the 20 sec greens!!! This will be an experience. Goodnight everyone! Ann Power.
  • 2nd May ’16. Feeling super excited tonight I am off to New Zealand Tomorrow morning to represent my Country in the First Ever Australian Bowling Arm Side. I will also have the pleasure of doing some coaching over there as well. Coming with me from Victoria is Barry Anset, Phil Gude, Ray Arnold, Tony Long, Ann Power, Adele Ryan, Doug Corrigan and Harry Dalhoff. I will keep everybody posted of my trip. Lee Wesley.