New Zealand

Armed Pairs Tauranga South 24 Mar 19

New Zealand hosted its first (known) Armed Pairs Tournament at the Tauranga South Club venue on Sunday 24th March ’19. It’s a start, and hopefully the first of many such events!

It was an early (9.00am) start on what started out to be a very overcast drizzly day with no wind. As the weather crescendo-ed to a sunny 25 degrees, so did the camaraderie and the skill level of the entrants. All were very happy and keen to improve and impress. (Perhaps their happiness, was due in part to, the big lunch given?)

The sponsors were: First Mortgage Trust.

There were 4 games timed to 1 hour and 20 mins each. Now that’s different?

Well done Tauranga South! (Sincere thanks to Pat and Meg Dillon)

Tauranga South