Belmont Armed Tournament – Sun 17 Nov ’19

Belmont 3Belmont 4Bemont 5

Berwick 2 Bowl Triples – Sun 17 Nov ’19

Fabulous day at Berwick …. what else would you expect!

It was funny, that in the first game, we played in steady light rain, nobody left the green, we just continued on in rain jackets and hats, no grizzles, no complaints.  We were happy to be there, and that’s probably because there wasn’t a howling wind and it wasn’t too cold. We are sick of the last two more than the first, it seems.

A lovely morning tea set us right for the day, and off we went on the first of three games of 2bowl triples (a popular choice) over 12 ends.

We broke for lunch at 12.15, beautifully organised and prepared by Jean Fothergill (who also provided the prize money envelopes) and her helpers, Bev Robertson, Anne Lee, Jean and David Reedy.

Chantelle Pay representing the sponsor “Lifestyle” spoke at the break, donating items to all, at the tables, and kit bags to those seeking a “Lifestyle” change. Gerry, Tony & Graeme below, just wanted their photo taken (?)

I heard it all around the greens that lunch was “magnificent”, and it was. A beautiful “Parma”, salad and potatoes, and a smorgasbord table of extra’s! Dessert also held the bar high.

We went out again to good weather and continued on. But I’m guessing you’d rather hear about who won!

Gribbin, Shearer & Gude 3rd

Third on the day: Peter Gribbin (D’nong Club), Daryl White and Phill Gude (Dromana)  (2 wins, 44 points)

Archer, Pakenham 2nd

Second on the day: Keith Archer (Pakenham) and team, Garry Pincott and Peter Bott. (3 wins, 51 points)


Winners on the day: Jim Cuthbertson (Newborough) and team Rob Ward (D’nong Club) and Ian Huston. (3 wins, 56 points)

Below Best 1st, 2nd and 3rd games:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Clubs represented were: Burden Park, Edithvale, Mooroolbark, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Dromana, Newborough, Dandenong Club, Karingal, Cranbourne and City of Frankston.

Umpire Geoff Wright and photographer David Conrad were kept on their toes.

Photos from David Conrad (Berwick). Thanks David! (Click on the photos to enlarge)

Werribee – Sunday 19 Nov ’19

The “Arm Event” was played over (3) Games of (10) Ends, commencing at 10.30am.

There were (36) Bowlers taking part in the day. A light lunch & afternoon tea was provided. Great to see a few new Arm Bowlers take part and enjoy the experience.

Event Winners were:
R. Johnson, A Jelbart and B. Smith. (Composite Team)

Runner Up:
A. Walter, B. Brookes and J. Walter (Barwon Heads)

Best Last Game Winners: J.Cuthbertson, W. Bechaz and I. Houston (Newborough)

The 2020 Bowlers Arm Event will be November 22nd.

Jim Rayner

Burden Park 2 Bowl Triples – Thursday 7 Nov. ‘19

It was always looking like a touch ‘n go proposition as to whether we would start, and if we started, would we finish? High winds continued on the from the night before and the rain pushed in on its wings with a cool blast.

22 teams fronted up and in a first (to my memory), 20 of those were from other than the home club…. “how good is that!” Teams were listed under Burden Park, Karingal, Caulfield Park Alma, Richmond Union, Keysborough, City of Frankston, Berwick, Dromana, Palm Lake Resort, Middle Park, Croydon, Newborough, Mordialloc, Heathmont, South Oakleigh, Pakenham and Edithvale. There were other Clubs included in the make-up of some of those teams as well, so well-done Burden Park on attracting Armers from near and far.

Game one of three started on time, and off we were in a 2 bowls triples bash over 11 ends.

Game two started and broke up for a staggered lunch start (green by green) with 2-4 ends to go.


Burden Park catering committee of the day (above), Eric Anderson, Jan Thomson, Lorraine Burke, Heather Frazer, Carol Maes, and Noel Williamson did a sterling job. The salads were magnificent and were prepared in house, served with chicken, gravy and French stick.  Delicious puddings, fruit salad and cream finished of a sumptuous gastronomic delight.

DSCN1768We got back out on the greens after the raffles with full tummies, but all we could do was complete the second games remaining ends. The towel was thrown in, with the “sponsors blessing”. Thanks Octave (Left)

Octave Sarkissian, is a much valued , on- going sponsor of this event and loved member of Burden Park.


Best first game winners were: Theo Castricum’s Richmond Union team.

Best second game winners were: Graeme Avery’s Karingal team.

Best third game winners were: (paid out under the raffle system) Jim Cuthbertson…. You missed out there! Should have stuck around! That made the day however, for the next no. drawn and that was claimed by Keith Archer’s team from Pakenham who were unlucky to miss out on Best first game. (Photos below) Click on photos to enlarge.

Coming 4th and just out of the major prizemoney, was Karingal’s Graeme Avery with 34 points +7 shots.

3rd placed were: Peter Dixon’s Mordialloc team with 34 points +16

2nd placed were: Harold Ritchie’s Burden Park team with 35 points +14 shots. (Photos below)

And …. outright “Winners of the Day” were: Peter Wilding’s Heathmont team with 36 points +14 shots. (Photo below)


Congrats to Wayne Frazer for putting in a massive effort in organising and filling this event and to his wife Heather for the catering! Wayne, get well soon mate!

Congrats to Peter Lawton for carrying it off, so seamlessly.

Congrats to all that assisted, Mark (Bundy) in the bar as ever and the Umpire.

To the Green Keeper … WOW! Thanks.

Karingal Open 2 bowl Triples – Sun 20 Oct. ’19

The weather put on a good day today for the Annual Karingal Arms Tournament, the greens were running well and the players seemed happy to be out there enjoying the patchy sunshine.
The ladies in the kitchen served up a filling lunch of Sausage and mash with onion gravy followed by fruit salad and ice cream, thanks to the men that helped out serving the meal.
Thanks also to the men and ladies that organized the running of the day….volunteer Workers are important to every club and there are always a lot behind the scenes on these days. Setting up the greens, organising the rinks, umpiring and scoring thanks gang. (Sincere thanks to Judy Tabener for this report and photos)


Deer Park Open Fours – Sun 6th Oct ’19

Deer Park sn

Only 36 players turned up for this one, causing a drastic prize money cut and a reduction in ends per game from 15 to 10.  A Deer Park Team won the day.

Balnarring Bowls and Social Club Pairs – 3rd Oct ’19

Balnarring Main

Balnarring held its third Howe – Tweedie Bowling Arm Tournament on Thursday 3rd October and they couldn’t have picked a better day. It started in brilliant sunshine, cooled slightly by a south westerly mid way.

This tournament came about because of the friendship between Grevis HOWE and Ian TWEEDIE, buddies since meeting at University in 1948.  Grevis passed away in June 2017, and Ian Tweedie, together with the Howe family, wanted to honour Grevis’ memory in some way.  This is what we chose.  Every year Marge, Grevis’ wife, together with their daughter Liz and son Peter, come to be with us all on the day.  On occasion other family members have come as well, including Grevis’ young great grandson!

The emotion of the day transfers to our visitors and they all appreciate the sentiment.  It is always friendly and it is lovely to hear visitors compliment the feeling.

We played 3 bowl pairs over 3 games of 8 ends.

The winners were Sheldon Lipschitz and Graeme Morrison from Donvale Bowls Club and runners up (just 3 shots behind)  were John Fairweather from Hastings BC with Graeme Avery from Karingal BC.


Balnarring 2

Above – Sheldon Lipschitz and Graeme Morrison from Donvale Bowls Club, who won the day with Ian Tweedie and Marge Howe.

Balnarring 3

Above – John Fairweather from Hastings BC with Graeme Avery from Karingal BC who were Runners Up missing the big prize by just 3 shots.

Above left – Liz Porter with her mother, Marge Howe.  Marge has Grevis’ hat and Balnarring jacket.

Above right – Ian Tweedie on the green with his walker, with John Fairweather his opposition.  The rink next door is Wayne Frazer from Burden Park BC with AJ Parker from Mt Martha BC.


(Sincere thanks to Balnarring President Maxine Stark for the story and photos.)

Vic. State Armed Women’s Prs Final at Bendigo East – 28 Apr ’19

Winners: Pamela Bryant (Edithvale) and Ann Power (City of Frankston) def. Vera Curnow (Moama) and Joan Moss (Mathoura) 16-13.

Well done also to Peter Dixon & Gerry Carton (Armed/Disabled) on making the finals 2 yrs running in the Multi-Disabilities Championship Pairs. A fabulous duo!

Peter & Gerry

The Original and the best “Battle of the Arms” Tournament.

City of Frankston – Sun 7th Apr ’19.

The 11th Battle of the Arms, the event brought about by Alby Ashley, took place today and he was in the money! (You can read more about Alby in our “Profiles” Section.)

Armed Bowlers have grown to love this event, and turn up to compete from all over Victoria. In fact, the real growth of Armed Bowling was rooted here. The City of Frankston Club has owned Armed Bowling since 2008.

Today’s event was held in beautiful weather, with a sumptuous lunch (morning and afternoon tea) and every whim taken care of by the very helpful City of Frankston hospitality volunteers.  (They really are the yard stick for hosting.)

There were prizes galore, with 4 of the 6 bowlers on table one, the beneficiaries.  Thanks to the Club for its very generous prize money and support of this wonderful event.

Photos not in order, Best 1st Game, Best 2nd Game, Best 3rd Game, 6th, 5th, 4th,3rd, 2nd, Runners up 1&2, Winners.  (More tomorrow)

A petition was there for all that wished to air their grievance to the latest Bowls Aust. change to remove the need for a medical cert. It was 100% taken up!

If you wish to support your “Brothers in Arms” in preserving the “Status Quo” i.e. that a medical certificate and registration card still be required for Arm use, you can download a personal letter here or a petition for yourself and/or your Club here. These Links are also available in the “Your Comments”  Section. Your can also make your own comments on this or any other Armed matter there.   Signed Letters or  Petitions should be forwarded to Darryl Clout, President, Bowls Aust. PO Box 52, Northcote, VIC 3070.

Newborough open 3 bowl triples – Sunday 24th Feb ’19

“Sixteen teams (forty eight players) enjoyed our greens and made suitable comments regarding their condition (thanks Keiran) and the smooth running of the event.  With the $2000 prize pool we were able to spread the prizes over a large number of players which will create good will and encourage more players for next year once the word gets spread.  The winners were from Dromana skipped by Ray Arnold with Runners Up, our own, J Cuthbertson, John Hannant and Ian Houston.  Our other team, Joy Cadby, Marcia Evans and Darrell Williams came in sixth.  Sheila De Rooji played for another Dromana team and was seen to have a “ball”.  Next year we recommend that the event be three games of two bowls triples over twelve ends.”

Third place went Jeff Crawford’s team from Maffra, with fourth going to Sandy Caines of Moe and fifth going to Geoff Stobbie of Maffra.

(Courtesy of Keith Evans Sec. Newborough.)

Final of the Women’s State Armed Singles – Dandenong Club – 15 Feb. ’19

Won by Pamela Bryant 21-19

“Gou (pronounced Go) was indeed the best opponent I’ve come across,  a rising star!” Yarraville are lucky to have you. A really tough game that could have gone either way.

Semi Final of the Women’s State Armed Pairs – Dandenong Club – 15 Feb. ’19

Won by Ann Power and Pamela Bryant. 24/19 over 15 ends.

A topsy – tervy game. It was anyone’s,  but a last end comeback helped.

It was Carole Krop/Pamela Wakefield Vs. Pamela Bryant/Ann Power.

Karingal 2 Bowl Triples – 10 Feb ’19

Karingal held their 2019, 2 bowl triples tournament for armed bowlers today.

It was a fabulous day with 3 games of 12 ends and no weather dampeners/impediments (not too hot, not too cold).

Game 1 started at 10am but 2 teams didn’t turn up…. Whoever you are, think about it! Karingal took it in their stride and things settled.

Lunch was taken after game 1 and thanks go too; Anne, Helen, Heidi, Glenys, Marg (Kitchen) & Rod (BBQ)!


Bangers, Burgers, Mash and Peas …… and thanks for the gravy!

Game 2 started … well, …. after lunch, and the sun started to make itself obvious (occasionally).

It was straight through to game 3 and that sorted out the running order for prizes, presented by valued sponsor Andrew Milne of O’Brien Real Estate.

Best 1st game: Arthur Parker (Mt Martha) with team Bob Campbell and Mike Whitty, and  prize presenter Andrew Milne (Sponsor).

Best first game A. J. Parker Mt Martha

Best 2nd game: David Bernard (Armadale) with Rosemary Michaels, and Diana Francis.

Best second game David Bernard Diana Francis & Rosemary Michaels

Best 3rd game: P. Gillin, (Baxter Village) with Howard Hinds & Alan Jackson.

Best third P. Gillin, Howard Hinds,

Runners Up: Peter Gribbin (Pakenham) with Gerry Dawson and Brian Cadell.

Runners up Peter Gribbin, Gerry Dawson

Winners: Graeme Avery (Karingal) disguising himself as a C of Frankston player, with Ian Ridley and Pers Lienors.

Winners Graeme Avery , Ian Ridley & Pers Lienors

A fabulous day, one I’ve enjoyed since its inception. AND… we’ll all be their again next year!

Thanks, Wayne, for being our Umpire and teaching us a lesson. “If you have a felt backed mat at your Club, please leave it felt up on the bank so as to NOT to pick up and/or transfer grass seeds from one green to another when mats are transferred (unknowingly) from one green to another!”

The final scoreboard:

Karingal Scoresheet pic.JPG

Nice to meet Cousin Howard Hinds on the day!

Howard Hinds and Pamela Bryan (t) 10 Feb '19 Karingal (1)

Victorian State Arm Bowler C’ships. – 9 -11 Jan ’19

The Men’s Singles commenced today with all 16 Sections competing on the Armadale Grass and Synthetic greens.

It was an eight thirty start and conditions were excellent throughout the day. The Club provided lunch packs for $10, a welcome offering for those late risers.

Men’s Sectional winners into the Qtr. Final were:

1. Wayne Fraser (Burden Park) vs. 2. Ron Johnson (Palm Lake)

3. Winston Taylor (Whittlesea) vs. 4. Michael Rose (Lilydale)

5. Keith Archer (Pakenham) vs. 6. Arthur (AJ) Parker (Mt Martha)

7. Ken Perkins (Paynesville) vs. 8. Greg Ritchie (Warrnambool City Mem.)

9. Doug Corrigan (Ringwood) vs. 10. Rod Fletcher (Cohuna Golf)

11. Peter Gribbin (Pakenham) vs. 12. Ross Higgins (Shepparton Park)

13. Neil Crisp (Warrnambool City Mem.) vs. 14. Peter Toovey (Eltham)

15. Damian Riches (Cobden) vs. 16. Vern Rehe (Moama)

Those in purple go into the next round. 1 to play 4, 5 to play 8, 10 to play 12, 14 to play 16.

They will play of on Thurs 11th Jan. starting about

Day 2, Ladies Singles and Men’s Pairs, were also played in excellent conditions, but watch out folks, we are in for it tomorrow with a predicted 33 degrees!

Section Winners, in the Ladies, into the Semi Final tomorrow are:

Section 1. Adele Ryan (Ocean Grove)

Section 2. Gou Engebertsen (Yarraville Footscray)

Section 3. Lorna Howell (Horsham Golf)

Section 4. Pamela Bryant (Edithvale)

1 to play 2, 3 to play 4. on the 11th Jan. starting about (Winners in Purple)

Day 3 Ladies Singles Semis

Alas I’m bushed?, and can only tell you what I told my Club (Edithvale).

“The women’s Finals were called off due to heat! I won my Semi 21/9 against Lorna Howell from Horsham Golf, a very formidable player, after defeating Carole Klop and Kerry Ralph with the smallest of margins, (last year’s Pairs (Carole) and Singles (Kerry) Winners). Following on from my Singles win, Ann Power and I had to play the Quarter Final of the Pairs against State team Reps., Kerry Ralph and Adele Ryan (last year’s Singles Winner and Runner up). We won that game courtesy of some excellent bowling from Ann Power, but I did help her out on the odd occasion, in the latter stages. Thanks Ann, credit where credit due, you were great! Situation is now, I have to play Gou Engebretsen (Yarraville Footscray) sometime (?) for the Singles Title and Pam Wakeford and Carole Klop, sometime (?) to get into the Final of the Pairs. Yi Ha!!!” I think that explains the Ladies Sections.

As for the Men’s results, I salute Bowls Vic. Sean O’Kane. He has done a fabulous job!, and courtesy of him you can see all you want or need to know here, or below.

Results from Day 3 Included:

Men’s Singles Winner: Wayne Fraser (Burden Park BC)

Men’s Singles Runner Up: Vern Rehe (Moama BC)

Score: 21-20

Men’s Pairs Winners: Doug Corrigan & Ian McLeod (Ringwood BC)

Men’s Pairs Runners Up: Peter Toovey & Jim Yarwood (Eltham BC)

Score: 17-7

Men’s Singles:

Women’s Singles:

Men’s Pairs:

Women’s Pairs:

Disappointing to note that 8 or more State Squad members, the State Armed Co-coordinator and the State Armed Selector did not compete or attend?

Belmont – Sun 16 Dec ’18

The planned format for the day, recommended by Peter Cornell, our Bowls Director, (now deceased), was to have the AM devoted to coaching clinics engaging the most experienced Vic. Bowls accredited coaches he could arrange to come. This was achieved by the attendance of Michael Rose, A.J. Parker, Tony Long and Adele Ryan.

The participants, approximately 40, were classed into 2 main groups of less than 2 years with the Arm and more than 2 years’ experience in using the device.

The one and a half hours allocated to coaching was enthusiastically received and the time flowed quickly. The information and practice drills followed by individual opportunity to discuss methods was evident.

After a 2-course luncheon, the 40 players were assembled into a Triples integrated format where as a Lead Second and Skip each game would provide opportunity to meet and play with other bowlers.

Final Results of the day saw sponsored prize money distributed to the following bowlers.

Belmont B.C. Bowlers’ Arm Day.

Winners: Skips, T. Long (St. L. & VB Coach), Second, J. Jackson (H), Third, L. Claffey (B).

Winners: Seconds, C. Wilkins (B), Second, P. Bristow (Wbe), Third, M. Monteith (T).

Winners: Leads, G. Priddle (B), Second, A. J. Parker (VB Coach.) Third, B. Ryan (RSL).

Successful format arranged by P. Cornel (B). Acting Manager R. Lyle (B).

The Day concluded with the visiting Coaches presenting the Belmont Club with a framed Appreciation Certificate from Vic. Bowls Bowlers Arm Coaching Group. The original concept of the Bowlers Arm featuring with interest. Michael Rose commented that this Coaching/Game day was his first at this format and he had enjoyed meeting and working with the players right throughout the day.

Conclusion: It was such an interesting and rewarding day. We hope that the Day can be repeated next year. A Sunday early in the summer bowling season would be ideal.

(Courtesy – Belmont B. C. )

Dromana Open 3 Bowls Triples – 2 Dec ‘18

We all went to the seaside for this one, but alas, yesterday was the beach day, today the wintery one, even so, the welcome by President Peter Gordon, the club facilities, greens and vista were all worth the trek.

Teams entered from: Burden Park, City of Frankston, Karingal, Mooroolbark, Mordialloc, Narre Warren, Newborough, Pakenham, Rosebud Country Club & Rye. Teams that did not have a full team of Armed bowlers were allocated a Dromana Lead (What a great idea, to therefore get more entries and involve your own Club members!)

Responsible for getting this day up and running were: Liz Ainslie, Graeme Hegarty & Pat Donnelly with assistance from Phil Gude.

Ian Daley put in his day as “Umpire”.  I don’t think he got a call? Nevertheless, thanks for being there, when we need an Umpire …. we really do!

Best 1st Game went too: Narre Warren. Jim Kempf, Joe McGuire, Stan Birket. +16

Best 2nd Game went too: Dromana. Allan Voice, David Moore, David Cowie. +15

Best 3rd Game went too: Mooroolbark. John Baker, Colin Musgrove, Doug Peck. +22

3rd on the day were: The Newborough Team – Jim Cuthbertson, John Hannant, Ian Houston. 3 wins +33

R’s/up on the day were: The Burden Park Team – Wayne Frazer, Margaret Beechey, Harold Ritchie. 3 wins +34

Winners were: The Pakenham Team – Keith Archer, Peter Gribbin, Gary Pincott. 3 wins  +42 (!)

Thanks to Sponsors:   Peninsula Gas and Fuel ,  By the Bay Plumbing & Mornington Legal

(Click on the above Sponsors to go to there Site)

Mostly there are those that put their heart ‘n soul into our enjoyment of the day, they are: Donna Cartwright, Jan Ryde, Jill Fletcher, Lorna Williams, Pat Donnelly, Pat Loveday & Ronsley Gude. Thanks also to Terry!

As a nice gesture at days end, Graeme Trew (City of Frankston) rose to thank the Dromana members for their efforts and friendship on the day.

Armadale Bowls Club – Open 2 bowl triples – Sunday 25 Nov. ‘18

What started out to be a cold, cloudy and wet day, finished up hot & sunny …. but that’s Melbourne.

Everyone turned up and we all enjoyed the changed format.  2X8 Ends on the Grass or Synthetic before lunch and 2X8 Ends on the Synthetic or Grass after lunch.  A 2 end roll up first up, and after lunch, as we changed surfaces.

Speaking of lunch, Armadale do this well, will beautiful high-end salads and bread, served with hamburgers and sausages or vegie patties. Fruit or a splice followed. There were quality biscuits and cake available all day with tea or coffee, and the “after pickings” were (as usual) superb, at days end.

Regis, aged care sponsored the day and Martin Jones, in company of Kirby Leitch (Business Development Coordinator) spoke enthusiastically on their wider sphere of care.

President Steve Rubinstein then took the “Mic” to thank all involved in making this day the success it was:

  • David Bernard, Organizer and Promoter.
  • The Ladies in the kitchen (actually…. I did think “there was a man in there!”)

But thanks to: Marcelle Karro, Beryl Levin, Judy Beitner, Lyndsy Solomon, Sandi Meltz & Mandy Schocket. AND yes (!) there were 2 men in there… Neville Karro (Marcelle’s husband) and Colin Luber cooked the delicious bar-b-que!

  • Bar Staff were: Les Newman (Vice Pres.) and David Kweitel.
  • Umpire was: Maurice Powell.
  • The Green Keeper and the Groundsmen (those there to help!).

Rosemarie Todes, Life Member,  Past President and Past Chairman of the Board together with former Vic. Squad member Leila Levy were hands on selling raffle tickets, collecting the money, handing out cards and our “free drink” vouchers, as well as helping everywhere help was needed. (This list of helpers shows you just how much help you need to run a successful tournament. It’s not easy.)

On to the Prize Money:

Best 1st game; Pamela Bryant, Pam Hogan, Robin Levy +14

Best 2nd Game; Spencer Sherwood, Dennis Voutsinas, John Widdowson +11

Best 3rd Game; Peter Chad, Rod Pickersgill, Colin Dale +11

Best 4th Game; Octave Sarkissian, Doug Rafter, Andrew Williams +9

There were 4 teams undefeated on the day:

Placed third were; Sheldon Lipschitz, David Mattiazzo, Neville McKenzie – Donvale Club.

Those vying for 1st and/or 2nd were chosen by percentage, as 2 teams had 4 wins and +20.

Runners up were; Brian Byrne, Denis Patmore, John Van Vugt – Cardinia Waters Club

Winners were; Jim Cuthbertson, John Hannant, Ian Houston – Newborough Club

John Hannant, Jim Cuthbertson (S), Ian Houston (Yallourn)


Werribee Bowls Club Triples – Sunday 18th Nov ’18

Today’s Werribee Armed Triples, was an agreed success, with great weather, great greens and great company. It was their fourth armed tournament, well run by organizer Pat Bristow. Thanks to Maureen Torney for the photos. Well done Werribee!

Winners: Tony Angel, Rod Davis & Bob Childs.

Winners Werribee

Runner’s Up: Ron Johnson, Barry Smith & Andrew Jelbart.

Werribee, ru Ron Johnson, Barry Smith, Andrew Jelbart with Patricia Bristol.

Best Last game : Alan Taylor, Neville Hopkins & Terry Daynes.

Werribee Best l Terry Dayne, Neville Hopkins & Alan Taylor

Thanks Pat for the pictures below.


Berwick Bowling Club – Open Pairs – Monday 12th Nov. ‘18

Fabulous weather day…. they got it right first up!

Berwick pulled out all stops to make this day a success and get a feel for what they may do next year.

There were 20 teams competing for a very handsome purse courtesy of BCIB Bowling Club Insurance Brokers

Teams were keen to travel to this event, and came from, Barwon Heads, Burden Park, Cockatoo, Dandenong Club, Dromana, Edithvale, Mordialloc, Newborough, Pakenham and Phillip Island.  Berwick Armers also supported their Club’s first running of an Armed Bowler Event.

Entry was very reasonably priced and included morning tea, a beautiful fresh cold meats and salad lunch with, with a jellied fruit and ice cream dessert. If you were late leaving, a beautiful platter of quality nibbles, well presented, was enjoyed. (Thank you, Annette, …. oh, how I enjoyed that!)

Best game winners were credited 10 for a win and one for each end won over 10 ends and were:

Best 1st game – Rob McGrath (S) and Fred Black (Berwick) 17 points

Best 2nd game – Andrew Johnson (S) and Peter Bott (Berwick/Pakenham) 18 points

Best 3rd game – Avril Steere (S) and Rita Waugh (Berwick) 17 points

Major prize winners, also calculated as 10 for a win and one for each end won over 30 ends were:

Third: Pamela Bryant (S) and John Bryant (Edithvale) 47 points

Second:  Jack Edwards (S) and Bob McIntyre (Berwick) 51 points

Winners: Wayne Frazer (S) and Margaret Beechey (Burden Park) 51 points

Just out of the money, but also 3 game winners and worth an honorable mention, were: Hans Olierook and Russell Taylor (Phillip Is. ) 46 points

The club had many willing workers on the day, all very keen “to make our day”

Thank you too: Jean Fothergill, Jean Reddie, Bev Robinson & Pat Ellis. (Thank you also Jean, for the best prizemoney envelopes I’ve ever seen!)

Thanks, Rob McGrath for the name tags, a nice touch.  (Wish I’d snaffled mine …. but no, I didn’t.)

Thanks, Trevor Norton and Maxine for selling and providing the winning tickets to me, John Bryant, Phil Gude, Peter Dixon and others. (Peter, let’s neck it together?)

Thanks, John Arboit on the bar.

Sincere thanks to Committee Members Allen Fary (also Umpire of the Day), Mike Hodges, Annette Kirby (Administration), Graham Rushton (scorekeeper) and Gary Westall (Flyers).

Many special thanks to the photographer of the day, David Conrad.

This was indeed a well-run tournament (one small hiccup), with a good no. of helpers, volunteering.

Great Day Berwick! We’ll all be back next year and we’ll bring our friends too!



“Sincere and grateful thanks to David Conrad of Berwick B. C. for the photos below.”



Berwick Final scoreboard

Burden Park Armed 2 Bowl Triples – Thursday 8th Nov. ’18.

Burden Park Bowling Club hosted its second Bowlers Arm Triples, sponsored by Octave Sarkissian, today.

It’s been a busy week for tournaments and some suffered a “rain out” on Cup Day Tuesday, or had to reduce play. Promised “Arctic blasts” and possible showers/hail, did not eventuate over the next 2 days however, and if you rugged up…. well it was quite pleasant, really.

To Octave…. the day went well and I did miss you, but we all hope your cruising days are very happy ones.

There were 18 teams competing, over 3 games of 11 ends, with 2 bowls each player. Ouch, and deadly (but I loved it)!

Thanks to Tina Mangoni, Helen Alexander and Heather Frazer for a wonderful early cuppa, lunch and afternoon tea.

Thanks to Mark “Bundy” Layton, at work on the bar.

Thanks to Wayne Frazer and Peter Lawton for their organisation.

Thanks, Octave, for your sponsorship.

Thanks to Green Keeper for the great greens, well prepared.

Let’s get on with it!

Best 1st Game; Doug Corrigan, Ian McLeod & Jan Corrigan. (Ringwood)

Best 2nd Game; Dennis Johnson, David Mattia & Ken Cooper (Donvale)

Best 3rd Game; Allan Walter, Ted Tratt & Jan Walter. (Barwon Heads)


3rd on the Day, Gerry Carton, Gwen Fabrie & Peter Dixon. (Disabled Bowls)

2nd on the Day, David Bernard, Leon Cohen & Jack Frydman. (Armadale)

1st on the Day, Peter Wilding, T. Doyle & R. Whitaker. (Heathmont)

A great day. well run. Thanks to my team, on a first outing! (Barb & John)

(Happy Birthday, Doug Corrigan! X)






Benalla “Arm Wrestle” Pairs – Sunday 20th May ’18 

14 teams in Pairs played in this Major Tournament, we played 3 games of 12 ends.

Teams came from Epping, Euroa, Dromana, Kyabram, Wareena Park, Ivanhoe, Heads plus Benalla.

Winners with three wins and 27 shots up. R. Bezett & G. Lessing

Runner up also with 3 wins, but only 23 shots up, D. Ryan & J. Higgins.

Best last game winner R. Allen & B. McLarty.

(Any photos appreciated!)

City of Frankston – “Battle of the Arms” 10th anniversary Triples – 15 Apr ‘18

CoF 15 Apr '18 Header '18

It was a very hot and dusty day… nah, …. Sorry, that’s the wrong story.

It was a great turnout at City of Frankston in celebration of Alby Ashley’s instigation of a tournament specifically designed for Armed Bowlers, a decade ago, and Alby was in the thick of it again today, still bowling superbly. Too superbly for some.

There were 34 teams, using the three grass greens, beautifully prepared by Green Keepers, Darren Morgan & Steve Arthur, in-spite of conditions thrown at them in the last 2 days.

It was 1X10 ends (1 end roll up), and 2X8 ends after lunch. Sounds good, but we did have to “battle” the elements this time, a howling wind, and sheeting rain. If your partner bowled today be very, very kind to them tonight and tomorrow.

The Mayor of Frankston, visited at the lunch break, and he was suitably impressed with what the Club had achieved, in having all these attendees who may have had to leave the game, were it not, for Alby and the Arm.

The catering was top notch and no one does it better than, City of Frankston, thanks to:

Wendy Williams (she doesn’t even bowl!), Jan Patten, Lorraine Letcher, Marlene Kavanagh, Marg Holmes, Dawn Vaughan, Pat Hollow, Andre Date and Sybil Vorbach.  Those 9 worked feverishly over two days and are to be commended. We had cake, breads, and other “thingies” on arrival with our tea and coffee. A great chicken salad and great desserts (out-sourced desserts… and we all want to know where they came from!!!). A platter of nibbles was provided for us, as we gathered inside, to learn who the winners would be.

There were 10 raffle prizes today, and I mention these because, of the spread of the wealth:

Echuca, Boronia X2, Flem./Kensington, Burden Park, Karingal, Deer Park, Mooroolbark, Glen Waverley and the home team. In all, 34 plus Clubs had players here today, either in composite or Club teams.

Today was also special in that a handful of bowlers competing, have attended all 10 “Battles”! they are A. J. Parker, Mike Scotter, Joe Noble,

(There were also many who had had attended 9 “Battles” …… so “well-done” City of Frankston.) Cec and Joan Moss of City of Echuca were 2 of those and they received a gift for having travelled further than anyone else today.

A long letter from Phil Gude was read out by Richard Keogh and was well received and appreciated.

We also must thank the ever-vigilant Umpires, for standing their ground and being our best help when needed, and for cleaning up after.

Thank you, Bert Kavanagh and Alan Longmuir, for all your work on the cards today.

Up for grabs, with many thanks to the sponsors (Aquire Real Estate),  were prizes of:

1st $600, 2nd $330, 3rd $240, 4th $180, 5th $150, 6th $150. AND, Best 1st, 2nd and 3rd game winners $120 (One prize per team only).

And backwards we go:

Best 3rd Game: A. J. Parker & Team +12

Best 2nd Game: Dane Ryan, G Evely & J Higgins (Ivanhoe) +11

Best 1st Game: Kelvin Dickinson, John Pearce & Rob Walker (Glen Waverley) +12

6th: Peter Gribbin, Keith Archer & Gary Pincott (Pakenham) 3 +13

5th: John Baker, C Musgrove & D Peck (Mooroolbark) 3 +14

4th: Alby Ashley, Peter Wells & Persijs Lielnors (COF) 3 +15

3rd: Bob Ormesher, Ann Power & John Cobden (COF) 3 +16

Equal 1st: Darryl White, Ray Arnold & Ray Palstra (Croydon/Dromana) 3 +27

Equal 1st: Michael O’Brien, Michael Baker & Neville Conn. (Melton) 3 +27

(Second & first prize money split between the players, as even on percentage, both teams were equal)

(Click on any photo to enlarge)





We also have to thank those that brought us to “where we are today”.

It’s timely to remember and “lock in” the names of Alby Ashley, Richard Sissons and Richard Keogh, for without those three I doubt we’d be “where we are today”.

Alby was “chuffed” to be presented with a 10th Anniversary cake with 10 candles, of course.  Thank you Alby! (Is my cake in the mail?)

The Battle will continue! Look forward to the next. Cheers.

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Mildura Mike Menz Charity Day – 8th Apr ’18

Mildura BCMildura, Kevin Knight, John Nicholas, Mike Menz, trophy donor and Bernie Sharp


What a fantastic day. The Mike Menz Armed Bowlers Tournament and Charity Day saw over $5000 raised for the Sunraysia Cancer Support Group. Congratulations to everybody who participated on the day. And one big thank you to all Members who hopped in and helped out with the catering and refreshments. Pictured below from L to R: Kevin Knight, John Nicholas, Mike Menz and Bernie Sharp. The winners of the first Mike Menz day.

Sincere thanks to Chris Mitchell, Mike Menz and the Mildura B. C.

Warracknabeal Triples – 1st Apr. ’18

Warracknabeal Winners 1 Apr 18
Winners Rob Reseigh, Bill Livingstone and Lindsay Borden from Donald Golf Bowls Club.
Warracknabeal RU
Runners up, Ted Cox, Robyn and Ken Goodwin from Warracknabeal B. C.

Sunday April 1st saw Warracknabeal Bowling Club stage the inaugural Easter Sunday Armed Bowler’s Triples Tournament sponsored by Hear-Clear Audiology and Naylor Agencies which must go down as a very successful day for the Armed Bowlers fraternity.

Run in conjunction with the Warracknabeal Y-Fest celebrations the event drew bowlers from as far away as Heywood in the far south-west of the state to Charlton, Donald and Rainbow in the north and east.  The 24 players from 8 clubs enjoyed great weather combined with good camaraderie to enjoy a great afternoon of bowls.  All players in the competition are required to use a Bowling Arm to assist them to deliver their bowl which is an art in itself.   After playing 2 games of 10 ends and a third game of 8 ends we found that we had two teams with three wins each.  A play-off was decided to find the eventual winner of the day and after a three end play-off we found that the scores were level and an additional end was required to find a winner.  The team from Donald Golf Bowls Club consisting of Lindsay Borden, Rob Reseigh and Bill Livingstone being declared the eventual winners over the runner-up team from Warracknabeal Bowling Club of Ted Cox, Robyn and Ken Goodwin.  First touchers for lead, third and skipper prizes went to Bill Livingstone, Robyn Goodwin and Ken McGurk while the lucky door prizes went to John Witney, Lyn Kerr and Bill Kerr.

Our thanks to Hear-Clear Audiology and Naylor Agencies for their fantastic support and sponsorship of the event and a massive thank-you to all those people behind the scenes who have combined to make this event a success.

(This report from Bill Kerr, is very much appreciated. Thank you Bill. Ed.)

Dromana Open Triples 25th Feb. ’18 

The Happy Assembled Mob

The day got off to a dream start, in fact it was an organizer’s “heaven” with all 22 teams, registered, paid up, and ready for the 10.30 start, after morning tea refreshments, at 10.15. Fabulous!

The day was partly cloudy, eighteen-ish with wind gusts only the locals could manage, in the 3 bowls open pairs format (non armed players could compete, but only as Lead).

Players had traveled far and wide to enjoy the company of their fellow Armer’s, including a ferry trip for some. Thank you to Wendy Hegarty for ferrying the ferry travelers to the Club, and back to the the ferry.

Clubs attending were: Warragul, Ocean Grove, West Rosebud, Rosebud Country Club, Pakenham, Yallourn, Cranbourne, St Leonards, City of Frankston, Mordialloc, Karingal, Benalla and Edithvale.

After the obligatory photo shoot, it was in to it….no roll up. 3 games of 10 ends, to a tinkering bell, sharp on 12.30 pm for lunch. If you forgot to bring yours, Dromana had it covered! Enjoy your pie Graeme Avery?

Bill Forrester from Travability was on hand all day, taking photos and seemingly enjoying what his sponsorship had enabled. The company working in cahoots with Parks Victoria, saw Parks Victoria receive national recognition at the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards recently. You can read more about this on their site or visit them at Shop 3, 143 Pt Nepean Rd., Dromana.

The 1st Game winners were: Jan Cuthbertson’s Team from Yallourn/Warragul. ($100)

The 2nd Game winners were: Alan Voice, Terry Ashton and Ian Castles. Dromana. ($100)

The 3rd Game winners were: Graeme Avery, John Fairweather and Ron Pickersgill, Karingal. ($100)

Runners Up were: Colin Dale, David Turnbull, and Barry Fossey,  Karingal. ($200)

Winners were: Kevin Hutchinson’s Rosebud Country Club team.  ($300)

Winners Kevin Hutchinson & Team Rosebud C.C.
Rosebud C. C. Winners
(So glad to be of help, guys. -Ed.)

Vice President Wendy Hegarty was very welcoming to all, and the day ran like clockwork with every need met, with a smile.

Thanks also go too:

  • Helpers, Wally Brierley, Graeme Quinn and Den Healy.
  • Kitchen, Gill, Ines and Robyn.
  • Match, Megan Ware.
  • Bar, Wendy Hegarty, Pat Donnell and Jeff Barbara.
  • Umpire, my treasured friend Greg Bouker (Bouks)

And I’m sure many more lent a hand today.

To Tournament Director Graeme Hegarty, well done, a great day and testament to that, a great turn out! Nice to see the Bezet’s back for a visit from Benalla.

Oh, and …. we hope you had a Happy Birthday Graeme! That ukulele rendition of “Happy Birthday” was fab.

Finally, Normie Dickson…. we are all missing you….come back soon! X



Warragul Armed Event – 18 Feb. ’18

Runners-up were: Ian McLeod, Doug Corrigan and Michael Rose (Skip) Ringwood.

Winners were: Daryl White, Graham Peck and Phil Gude (Skip) Dromana.

Glen Waverley Wins Armed (Women’s) Pairs at City of Frankston – 5th Jan. ’18

Congrats to Glen Waverly’s Reps. (Pamela Wakeford, Lead and Carole Klop, Skip) They are indeed the Best of the Best, last years winners, this year’s winners and Premier players to boot!



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(Photos from the Final) (For scores and more Click Here)

Cohuna Wins State Armed (Men’s) Pairs at City of Frankston – 5th Jan. ’18

Congrats to: Ron Eckhardt (Lead) and Skip Rodney (Bluey) Fletcher who have won the prestigious State Armed Bowlers Men’s Pairs at City of Frankston today. A very long day for all in the Quarter, Semi and Final Draws. Indeed the lunch break was at about 3pm!!



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(Photos from the Semi’s)  (For scores and more Click Here)

The highlight of the Semi’s for me were: Phil Gude converting to a three up ( I know Radar got very excited at that one), and John Snell playing a “blinder” drive as Lead with his second shot, to clear from the head (and the rink!) of a resting toucher and it’s first drawn partner, 2 inches to the left, with only his two bowls left on the rink. You had to see it to believe it!

Alas, I wasn’t there for the men’s finals ….but a big congratulations to Cohuna Golf bowlers Ron Eckhardt (Lead) and Rodney (Bluey) Fletcher (Skip).  Marvelous effort on foreign greens for you.

State Armed Pairs at City of Frankston – 4th Jan. ’18

Fantastic weather for bowls, for all, with a wind challenge, to alter the status quo, during the day.

The women’s event had only 2 sections, and you have to ask.…. why? C’mon ladies….get involved!

The men’s event had heaps of entries: it is indeed a quality field.

Today settled the Women’s Final.

Adele Ryan (Ocean Grove) and Kerry Ralph (Barooga) will play Pam Wakeford (Glen Waverley) and Carole Klop (Glen Waverley) at tomorrow (Friday), over 15 ends. It’s a pity they are not on the “Show Green” at the same time as the Men’s Finals. Good luck girls!

Pam and Carole below left, were last year’s winners! Below right are this years challengers Kerry and Adele.



The Men’s quarter finalists are:

Ron Eckhardt/Rodney Fletcher (Cohuna Golf) Vs. Phil Godkin/Barry Anset (Kangaroo Flat)

Pers Leilnors/Alby Ashley (City of Frankston) vs. Ray Arnold/Phil Gude (Dromana)

Michael Whitty/A. J. (Arthur) Parker vs. Neil Stevens/Michael O’Brien (Melton)

John Snell/Michael Rose (Lilydale) vs. John Cobden/Robert Ormisher (City of Frankston)

The men will have the early draw, 8.30-ish, and it will be roughly, 10.30 for the Semi’s.

The Final will begin at about 1.30 pm and be played over 15 ends.

Good luck to all competitors in the finals, what a fabulous time we’ve had.

State Armed Singles at City of Frankston – 3rd Jan. ’18

Day 2 – The Business End.

In the Women’s Section

Kerry Ralph (Barooga) played Debbie Strybosch (Mulgrave C.C.) in the early morning game and it was Kerry that prevailed, that victory sent her to the Semi’s which started about 10.30 am.

The Semi Finalist draw was: Ann Power (City of Frankston) vs. Joan Moss (City of Echuca) and Kerry Ralph (Barooga) vs. Adele Ryan (Ocean Grove).

In the Men’s Section

The Men’s Draw games have been particularly gruelling because of the number of entries.

Through to the Semi’s were: Michael Rose vs. John Snell (both of Lilydale) and Vern Rehe (Moama) vs. Neil Crisp (Koroit).

Day 2 – The Finals

Kerry played Ann, and Ann had game (2 shots on the head) when the score was 19 all. Kerry had last bowl however, and it’s never over until the last bowl goes down and when it does you have no redress. That Kerry set up a draw to the head, head, without going for shot early, was her saviour…… she had bowls in the head, but not shot.  She played a magnificent controlled last bowl, on a green not to her favour, and did the impossible, making it look easy, turning it into 2 shots, in her favour, by playing just six inches over draw weight, and thus picking up her second Winner’s Medal. Well done to both…it really was a great Challenge.

Michael Rose (Lilydale) played Vern Rehe (Moama) in the Men’s Final. (Vern had worn out Neil Crisp in the Semi’s courtesy of his precision draw shot, with Neil’s only answer, 7 dead ends “Crunchie” has a mean drive and it came to the fore today, but Vern, at this time, on this day, had his measure.)

Michael Rose played solid and even all through this event, and as last year’s winner, a member of the State Squad and having a great mentor, won admirably to a man who blinded us with his prowess.  Congrats to Michael, and also to Vern, both played well throughout…..both get a medal, and so they should.



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Check out the Bowls Vic. report here.

State Armed Singles at City of Frankston – 2nd Jan. ’18

Women’s results. The first two below are: Joan Moss – City of Echuca, and Ann Power – City of Frankston and they are SEMI FINALISTS. Next is Deb. Strybosch, Mulgrave C.C., who has to play Kerry Ralph, Barooga B.C. (5th photo, and last years winner) to get to the Semi. Adele Ryan, Ocean Grove, 4th photo is also confirmed as a  semifinalist. All will meet tomorrow. Good luck to all!



As for the men’s draw, all but the 12th and last photographed are still in with a chance. Well Half of them, that is. I had to leave, before their games were completed.

Fabulous day, extremely well run again by City of Frankston, thanks Wendy and your helpers in the kitchen. You do a fantastic job!

The Umpires John Daniel, Nev. Bradley and Ann Walsh, really had their work cut out for them today, and what a brilliant job they did. Ann Walsh has got the nod to Umpire at the Comm. Games. look out for her on you telly screens. Congrats Ann!

See you tomorrow and good luck, good bowling to all competitors.



“Battle of the Arms” Singles. 30th Dec. ’17.

It was a magnificent turnout for this City of Frankston Tournament, a Club which really does have the organisation of its “Battle” days  “down pat”.

It’s a tournament which caters for those who love “Singles” play…. Where else can you find this, and especially one, so well run?

There were 48 entrants from far and wide, from all border areas, the in between, and all points north, west, south and east of Melbourne.

The structure of the tournament was ‘Water Tight” and had “Up Front” rules emailed, or handed to, every competitor on arrival. (I rec’d mine by email…a nice surprise!)

Best rule of all, as far as I was concerned, was the “Visiting the Head” rule 9 – “…only permitted after 2nd bowl played, in the last end.”  Gosh, how we need this rule to be included in the official “Rules of the Game!”

The day was, a day of 2 halves, for all. It sorted out the Winners (The Section Winners) allowing them to fight on for the big money, and it gave the opportunity to those that didn’t win their section to play on, in the same format, with reduced ends, for the rest of the day, with prize money also available to them.

Sponsors were:  SAI Home and Community Care” represented by Sandie Grace who was on hand all day to take questions and explain their role in NDIS and My Gov. Care packages. Her talk at the luncheon break was very informative, thanks Sandie.

Also, to speak at the luncheon break was Richard Haddrick from Ballarat, who competed, but was there mainly to introduce his self-designed/made “Dart Release” Arm, recently approved for use by Bowls Vic. and Bowls Aust.  A very lightweight, well designed, Arm.

The Main Game played out this way for the Sectional Winners:

CoF Sing 30 Dec 17001

(Please note: Joe Noble should read Neil Crisp.)

Winner of the Day: John Bulmer (Drouin)

2nd: Cecil Moss (City of Echuca)

Equal 3rd: Debbie Strybosch (Mulgrave C. C.) and Colin Dale (Karingal)

4th to 8th: Michael Rose (Lilydale), Tom Bee (Blue Hills), Jim Cuthbertson (Yallourn) & Neil Crisp (Warrnambool/Koroit).

The Consolation Winner was: John McCarthy (Boronia)

2nd  was: Bill Graham (Blue Hills)

Equal 3rd and 4th were: Gary Degenhardt ( Boronia) and Barry Fossey ( Karingal)

This Club has an amazing number of members willing to “put in’ to make these days as successful as they are, and in the kitchen today were:

Pat Hollow, Barbara Harrop, Wendy Williams and Lorraine Letcher. (Thanks for the morning tea, the quiche and salad lunch, with dessert, and the avo tea.)

Thanks to the Umpire (and card collector) Neville Bradley.

Thanks to Craig Williams on Bar duty.

Special thanks to: Rob Huddle, John Frazer, Alan Longmuir and Richard Keogh for the organization and smooth running of the day, and of course to those that filled in as markers.

A very special thanks to Richard Sissons, who could not attend today but was at the fore front of our minds as the convenor of many “Battles” past. We all wish you happiness and good health, Richard.

P. S. If the measure pictured is yours, please ring the Club, it want’s to go home.




Burden Park – 2 Bowl Triples – 7 Dec ’17

Burden Park Club

What a fabulous day it was, and not just in Parliament. Burden Park features in despatches as well!

For those of us that travelled there from Whittlesea, Karingal, Edithvale, Cockatoo, Armadale and more, it was a lovely “sun shiny day”.

Organiser, Wayne Frazer did a wonderful job, getting up enough teams to make this day a GO-ER!

Alas, as happens, some (2) players failed to give enough notice to the club when withdrawing. Let’s never let this happen again! If you have to withdraw, perhaps find your own replacement, as it’s “you” that knows the armed bowlers, not necessarily the organisers.

We played 3 games of 12 ends in the 2 bowl triples format, and I needed 3 bowls (make that 5!), and a few less ends! 2 bowl triples’ is good for the concentration and/but (depending on your personal likes) cuts out a lot of shot play.

Burden Park is renowned for their culinary delights and still excels in this domain.

We had tea & bickies to start, lasagne and salad at lunch followed up with a dessert “handmade” by the organizers wife (as if she hadn’t suffered enough), Heather Frazer. Thanks’ Heather for the beautiful ‘sticky date pudding” served with cream and custard. How good was that!  Lasagne is also a favourite of many, but I’ve never had it at a bowling club before…. Beautiful!

Those who delighted us with a delicious lunch were: Tina Mangoni, (Provedore and Organiser/Team Leader). Heather Frazer, (Sticky Date Pudding). Alan Hendry, Alice Craig, Barbara Walker, Helen Alexander, Jan Thompson, Michael Arthur and Steve Lawson.

Burden Park Sponsor Octave SarkissianOctave Sarkissian (a valued Burden Park member) was the “Sponsor of the Day”.  Great to have members that are prepared to help out when and where they can. (Thank you Octave)

Greens were fabulous “thanks Macca”.

1st Game Jim Marg& Anita

Best 1st Game went to: Anita Clapperton, Margaret Holcolme and Jim Blight. (Burden Park)

2nd Game Colin & Graeme

Best 2nd Game went to: Graeme Avery, D. Simmons and Colin Dale, (Karingal)

3rd Octave & Debbie

Best 3rd Game went to: Debbie Strybosch, Octave Sarkissian and Tom Glynn.

Run up Herbert David & Leon

Runner’s Up (Those that came second)

David Bernard (S), Herbert Lobel and Leon Cohen. (Armadale)

Winners Marg Wayne & Ken


Wayne Frazer, Margaret Beechey and Ken Freestone. (Burden Park)

Thanks very much to those that made this day possible:

Sponsor: Octave Sarkissian

Organisers, MC, Promoters & Bar Attendants: Wayne Frazer, Peter Lawton and Brian Sinclair.


Burden Park, Scoreboard

Armadale – 2 Bowl Triples – 26 Nov ’17





(Click on photos to enlarge)

Great day of bowls with the weather not so kind at the start but  finished on a sunny afternoon.

18 teams entered an increase on the 12 teams in 2016.

The first prize with presented to Ray Palstra, Bruce MacDonald and Max Addison by Mr David Southwick MP as well as the perpetual plaque he donated which will have the winners name’s inscribed on as the 2017 winners.

All other winners were presented their awards by Martin Jones & Kirby Leitch, the representatives of the major sponsor Regis Aged Care;

2rd prize; B. Rimer, M. Schneider , R. Solomon.

3rd Prize: B. Kendrick, J. Reid, M. Stransky.

Minor prizes were;

  1. B. Ormesher, J. Cobden , A. Power.
  2. K. Walter, K. Ralph, J. Walter.
  3. L. Jones, P. Dixon, J. Widdowson.
  4. P. Gribbin, G. Pincott, K. Archer.

The high standard of morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea was enjoyed by all but maybe not the waistline.

Great feedback by all players which will ensure bigger numbers next year

(Thanks David Bernard and Armadale for a fantastic day!)

Werribee – 2 Bowl Triples – 19 Nov ‘17



(Click on photos to enlarge)

Today we had 48 players from North, South, East and West competing in the Bowlers Arm 2 bowl triples tournament at ‘The Hive” sponsored by Health & Mobility. We had teams from as far away as Yallourn, Cranbourne, Bendigo, Belmont and Rosamond and lots from in between.  A great day was had by all.

The eldest bowler was 97 years old, and it is testament to the bowler’s arm that both the aged and those with a disability are still able to enjoy their games.   We are all so fortunate that with the aid of our bowlers arm we are still able to get out onto the green and enjoy both competing and socializing with friends.

(Editor’s note: Belmont B. C. had 4 teams here….let’s all get behind their tourney on 15th Feb 2018)

Placings Skip Third Lead Result
Winners Ron Johnson Barry Smith Andrew Jelbart 3 + 32
Runners Up Tony Long Les Awty Ted Stephen 3 + 23
Best First R. Williams F.  Smith Chopper +8
Best Second Wally Stammers Ken McColgan John Hamilton +15
Best Third M. Scotter G. Geuink J. Spence +18

(Sincere thanks to Rhonda Edwards, on behalf of Patricia Bristow, Werribee B. C.)

Mooroopna, 2 Bowl Triples – Sunday 5 Oct ’17


Mooroopna’s Armed Day was played in bright sunshine, on excellent greens and in great friendship.

All 12 teams arrived bright and early from all points including, Echuca, Moama, Whittlesea, Barwon Heads, Benalla, Kyabram, Seymour, Cobram -Barooga, Mooroopna Golf, East Shepparton, joining members of the host club.

Things got underway at 10.30 am in the Open 2 bowl triples, 3 games by 10 ends format.

Lunch was a delicious cold serve with fruit salad and ice cream to follow.

There were two teams with three winning games, but it was the Moama team of Vern Rehe, M. Jones and G. Johnson who took the major prize pipping the boys from Kyabram, Rob. Ansett, Gino Scapin and Chris Preddy.

Mooroopna (4)



Karingal, 2 Bowl Triples – Sunday 22 Oct ‘17

Karingal 22 Oct '17 (2)

All attendees were very happy to be at this event today. It was a day to re-connect with fellow Armed Bowlers from all around the region after the winter hiatus. Lots of kissing, hugging and handshakes.

Yeh, it rained …. continuously in Rd. 1! (Just like in the group photo.)

But, stalwarts, we are, we just got on with it. Thirteen ends of 2 Bowl Triples by 3 games.

Lunch…. what can I say! We were so grateful to have it about 12 noon, and that it was sausages, hamburger and onion (with gravy), mashed potatoes and veg., and sauces of your choice.  HOT!

(Bless you in the kitchen (!) pictured below; Mary, Jess, Barbara, Rodney & Ivan)

It was not too bad weather wise through the next two games of thirteen ends.

An interesting rule was introduced at this event (for me) “Each team will be allowed one dead end per game; if after having used their allowance the same team kills another end the jack will be re-spotted on the tee.”

This was, and probably will be the greatest prize money ever offered for such an event.  Oaktree Retirement Village put up $1,800 ensuring all rinks were full. Competitors came from places far and wide; Whittlesea, Warragul, Phillip Island, Korumburra, Croydon, Lilydale and Pakenham to name a few. There was one pull out, at the last moment however…….and that makes it hard on everyone.

Karingal coped valiantly tho’ by calling in another team, and when one of those fell ill later….it was up to Graeme Avery Master of the Day to play Skip in the third round!

This event, from beginning to end, was courtesy of the work of Graeme Avery. Thanks Graeme, what a great personal effort!

1st Game Winners were: Brian Barby, John Bulmer and Ken Taylor (Warragul) +17

2nd Game Winners were: Brian Gay, Colin Dale and (?) (Keysborough) +15

3rd Game Winners were: Phil Gude, Graham Peck and Ray Arnold (Dromana) +17

Runners Up on the Day were: Wayne Frazer, Ken Turner & Harold Ritchie (Burden Park) 3 wins + 27

Winners were: Tony Whalley, Colin Burley and Len Kenshole 3 wins +37

(Click on photos to enlarge)



If you are not already a follower of this site you can do so by clicking on the follow button to the right, above. Cheers Ed.

Swan Hill – 9 Sep ’17

Winners:  Barry Husson (Swan Hill BC), Owen Lewis (Swan Hill BC), Gary McGrath (Swan Hill Racecourse)

Runners-Up:  Barry Anset (Bendigo), Phil Gude (Dromana), Graeme Edwards (Lake Boga)

Best Game Winners: 1st Game: Ron Eckhardt (Cohuna Golf), Peter Scott (Swan Hill Racecourse), Cecelia McCaig (Murray Downs)

2nd Game:  Tom Elford (Swan Hill BC), Graeme Clark (Swan Hill BC), Norm Bath (Cohuna)

3rd Game: Werner Meyer (Swan Hill BC), Winston Longbottom (South Australia), Vince Daly (South Australia)

City of Frankston ” Battle of the Arms” 2017

City of Frankston Winners 2017Battle of the Arms, 2017.

Awwwh… my mate Peter Dixon with his Mordialloc team, Lawrence Jones and John Widdowson, won the 2017 “Battle of the Arms” at City of Frankston B.C on Sun 9th April ’17 …… so proud of you all. Difficult conditions, cream rises to the top. Cheers! For more detail go to;…
Peter says of his team “They did well to get through the day. Sunday’s weather was freezing, with two rain delays and very windy conditions.
The Winners rec’d $200 each, even better they gave out prizes to sixth place, not advertised. Lunch was a delicious roast chicken with dessert of raspberry tart. They only had a couple of teams pull out, so it was nearly a full book of entries. The greens ran beautifully considering the rain on Saturday night.” Thanks Peter for this report.

Armed Duo win at Hampton All Stars (13 Mar ’17)
Best first game went to Mordialloc’s Peter Dixon and Edithvale’s Pamela Bryant.
Peter & Pam Best first 13 mar '17. 2 fr Peter
Armed State Pairs Title – Day 2 (6 Jan ’17)

……and the Pairs Winners were, Phil Godkin (Eaglehawk) & Barry Anset (Bendigo). Runners-Up, were Brian Woodland (Bairnsdale) & John Lewis (Lakes Entrance)

Anset - Copy.jpg

Armed State Singles Title – Day 2 (4 Jan ’17)

Fabulous finals between Joan Moss (City of Echuca) and Kerry Ralph (Barooga) in the Women’s and Michael Rose (Lilydale) and Lee Wesley (Burwood) in the Men’s.

Victors were ………..everyone who took part! The ones that took home the main prize and final accolades however, were: Kerry Ralph (Barooga) 21/12, and Michael Rose (Lilydale) 21/9. Well done to all that participated. Next year promises to be twice as big!

Check out the fabulous photos and detail from Bowls Vic. HERE.



Armed State Singles Title – Day 1 (3 Jan ’17)

Winners through to tomorrow’s finals in the Women’s draw are: Pam Wakeford (Glen Waverley), Kerry Ralph (Barooga), Joan Moss (City of Echuca) & Adele Ryan (Ocean Grove), they start at 9.30 am at MCC (Swinburne).

Winners through to tomorrows finals in the Men’s draw are: John Snell (Lilydale), Colin Pavey (Leopold Sportsman’s), Ron Hayes (Donvale), Graeme Greene (Boronia), Doug Corrigan (Ringwood), Steve Mitchell (Koroit), Clive Morris (MCC), Michael Rose (Lilydale), Kevin Hutchinson (Rosebud CC), Stephen Coles (North Balwyn), Peter Gribbin (Pakenham), Lee Wesley (Burwood), Denis Yarwood (Eltham Rec.), Tony Long (St. Leonards), Wayne Frazer (Burden Park) & Robert Anset (Kyabram).

Because of the number of entries to the Men’s Singles Title Event, all Section Winners from today pre-played their next round at the Swinburne venue late this afternoon to avoid a 4 game day tomorrow. Results were:

John Snell def. Colin Pavey 21/10, Ron Hayes def. Graeme Greene 21/7, Steve Mitchell def. Doug Corrigan 21/14, Tony Long def. Denis Yarwood 21/15, Michael Rose def. Clive Morris 21/18, Kevin Hutchinson def. Stephen Coles 21/20,  Lee Wesley def. Peter Gribbin 21/13.Wayne Frazer def. Robert Anset 21/11.

At Swinburne tomorrow:

The men’s quarter finals at 8.30 am.

Snell vs. Hayes, Mitchell vs. Long, Rose vs. Hutchinson, Wesley vs. Frazer.

The men’s and women’s semis and finals from or after 9.30 am.

Be there to support these wonderful armed bowlers!

Armed State Singles Title – 3-4 Jan ’17

You can keep up to date with all the scores through the Bowls Vic. Draw and Results portal…

Section 1
Pam Wakeford (Glen Waverley)
Carmel Healy (Dromana)
Margaret Watson (Whittlesea)
Section 2
Kerry Ralph (Barooga)
Janet Hamblin (Heywood)
Ann Power (City of Frankston)
Section 3
Joan Moss (City of Echuca)
Pamela Bryant (Edithvale)
Lorna Howell (Horsham Golf)
Section 4
Carole Klop (Glen Waverley)
Adele Ryan (Ocean Grove)

Dromana Open Pairs – 4 Dec ’16

Mornington Mazda and Travability combined to sponsor Dromana’s Armed Pairs, the last on the 2016 armed calendar. This very popular event in the 2X4X2, 3X10 ends, shots up format, drew players from far and wide all vying for a part of the very generous $1,000 prize money up for grabs.

In the money were:

Kevin Hutchinson & Ken Mallinson, best 3rd game.

A. J. Parker & Mike Whitty, best 2nd game.

Peter Gribbin & Mike Scotter, best 1st game.

Ray Palstra & Bruce McDonald, Third overall.

Peter Wilding & Gordon Halsall, Runner’s up.

Phil Gude & Graeme Peck, Winners.

Armadale “Super Bowlers Arm Tournament” – 27 Nov ’16


(To see the video of this day click here and search our ABA Facebook Page)

Armadale’s inaugural “Super Bowlers Arm Tournament” was held today and it was not too hot, too cold, nor was it too windy or too sunny…What’s going on?

It was a beautiful day and their carpet green was a pleasure to play on.  Music entertained us throughout the day and the rapid format of 4 X 8 end games was a treat to those that love a short, sharp competition (or indeed those that need a new start, when all’s not going according to plan A).

There was some serious money up for grabs and the entry fee of $25 per head provided bowlers with the best morning tea, the best lunch and best afternoon of any Armed tournament I have attended so far.  Well done Liz Gild, Beryl Levin, Marcelle Karro and Lindsay Solomon. I dare say my $25 barely covered the ingredients, let alone the preparation time and volume. I’d like to tell you what we had I had but I’m scared I might miss out on mentioning something delicious that I didn’t have room for. Well ……. maybe I could just mention, the handmade biscuits and nougat, the chicken and cold meats, the myriad of salads (recipes coming soon), the chocolate fudge, mousse and watermelon, the scones, jam and cream and the magnificent up market cheese and biscuit platters.

Clubs represented today were: Belvedere, City of Frankston, Croydon, Dromana, Drouin, Edithvale, Karingal, Mornington, Mt Martha, Mt. Waverley, Pakenham, Warragul, Whittlesea and Yallourn.

At end of day the Winners were:

Best 4th Game – Leon Cohen’s team of Herbie Lobel and Rob Solomon, Armadale. 9 pts.

Best 3rd Game – Graeme Avery, Colin Dale and Barry Fossey, Karingal.  8 pts.

Best 2nd Game – Peter Gribbin, Keith Archer and Garry Pincott, Pakenham.  9 pts.

Best 1st Game – Bruce Kendrick, John Reid and Peter Armstrong, Mount Waverley. 11 pts.

3rd  – Margaret Watson, Graham Watson and Terry Aldenhoven, Whittlesea. 22 pts.

2nd  – Bob Ormisher, John Cobden and Ann Power, City of Frankston.  35 points.

There to present the major prize of the day was the Member for Caulfield David Southwick M. P. who thanked the club for their great organisation and catering. He also thanked former Parliamentarian Phil Gude for all his work post politics, in regard to disability services.

David (M. P.) expressed a passion about Glen Eira’s efforts in the engagement of all, with any or many disabilities, in his area of concern.  Seems they are doing well and this is something Armadale Bowls Club have within their grasp to expand upon.

The Winner of the Day was then announced!

1st place went to, none other than: A. J. Parker (Mt Martha), Phil Gude and Graeme Peck (Dromana) also on 35 points, winning on a count back 23 to 19. Apart from the $540 team prize money received, their names will be transcribed on a shield, on a perpetual trophy displayed today and presented by David Southwick M. P.

Phil Gude responded on behalf of his team and all armed bowlers stating:

  • His appreciation of the Sponsors (and his Team).
  • The fact that there are now 7,000 armed bowlers in Vic.
  • Frankston and Swan Hill were the first to advance armed bowling, 9 years ago.
  • There are 24-25 clubs now holding armed day events in Vic.
  • Armed Coaching has reached out to, and provided coaching to over, 2,500 armed bowlers throughout the State of Vic.
  • Some armed bowlers may also be qualified to play in the Physical and Intellectual Disabilities Sector, pointing out that as a sufferer of Polio he himself was thus qualified. (If you feel you may also be qualified to be a participant in this well supported area, you can have yourself assessed at the first Armed Bowlers Coaching Day (this Season) at Preston/ Reservoir on the 11 Dec ’16. (Carleen Gregory will be on hand to see if some of our Armed Bowlers also qualify for the Physical Disabilities Bowls Group. If you wish to be assessed, you need to let Carleen know a.s.a.p. on 0414 838 642.)
  • The Physical & Intellectual Sector are supported by over 40 Clubs throughout Vic.

Organisers of the day were: David Bernard (what a massive effort from David), Jack Cooper, Michael Gild, David Brame, Les Newman, Sharonna Brott and others there, in and out on the day, to help. Umpire of the day was Michael Gild.

There were some great raffle prizes including: A $200 Resting Toucher Voucher, a Capino Coffee Capsule machine and a Vitality Sports Blender

Photos are courtesy of Sid Buchbinder, and a video (wow that’s a first!) will follow.

Well done Armadale! See you all there next year.



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To see the video of this event click here and find it on ABA’s Facebook Page.

Lilydale Armed Pairs – 20 Nov ’16

Well today was one for the stayers and the real pros who were prepared to brave three games of 12 ends of pairs (2x4x2) in 33+ degree heat.  It saw the demise of a couple of players and teams and our very sincere thanks to them for there sustained effort in that heat and our best wishes to them for turning up and giving it their best.

Karyn Morgan from our Tournament Committee, did a fabulous job organising the event, the games and the cards, and assisting Sue, Nicole, Carli and Leigh in the kitchen preparing a scrumptious lunch of chicken and salads.

Our bar staff kept everyone hydrated and thanks for their help.

It was a great event with 20 teams entering and the winners taking home $2000 in prizes.  Of course we can’t do this without the help we receive from our sponsors who were Flight Centre Lilydale, Heritage & Heritage Funerals Lilydale and LEAK Detection in Ringwood.

The photos attached are of the Overall Winners, Kerrie Ralph from St. James (near Tocumwal) and her pairs partner Allan Walter who came up from Barwon Heads. (They were also runners up in Finley’s Armed Pairs) That is a pretty amazing trip for these guys to commit to and congratulations and well done on winning the day with a +35 score over the three games.

Runners up were Peter Wilding (Croydon) and Ron Whittiker (Heathmont), Third place was Doug Corrigan (Ringwood – and a state player) and Ian Kost (Donvale) whom Doug had not met before but had the option of picking up Ian  when his team mate had to withdraw at the last minute.  Always good to have Douggie there on the day – he is the life and soul of the party and thanks for not letting us down with a team too few.

Best first game winners were Norm Dickson (Warragal) and John Bulmer (Drouin) and yes he is our Johnny Bulmer’s dad – another great effort and a long trip to come and play.  Best second game winners were Jim Yarwood and Peter Toovey (Eltham) and Best Third Game winners were our own home grown heroes Mick Rose and John Snell (Lilydale).

(Sincere thanks to Leigh Nicholson, Lynne Cogan & Mick Rose for this report and photos)

Winners Kerrie Ralph (St James) & Allan Walter (Barwon Heads)



City of Frankston Battle of the Arms – Singles, 13 Nov ’16

City of Frankston’s Armed Singles Day looked tentative at first with most of us driving through some rain or misty stuff to get there. Organisers Richard Sissons, John Fraser, Alan Longmuir, Rob Huddle and Richard Keogh soon turned that around and we were not bothered weather-wise, from the 9.30 start till the last couple of play off ends late in the day.

51 bowlers attended this year’s event (I still say, it’s the only “Singles Tournament” in Aust. for Armed Bowlers – let me know if I am wrong please?), representing 27 Clubs from around the State, up 15% on last year’s event. This event was sponsored by the “Club”, well done City of Frankston! Frankston has a wonderful work ethic and all contribute with a smile at any event they run. It was sticky bun for morning tea (breakfast for some?), lunch was more than you could eat roast chicken, potato, coleslaw and bread-stick, followed up with an unbelievably delicious sweet, whichever chair you chose. Now that was a nice idea…. I sat according to the dessert and I was not disappointed.  Special thanks to those that provided this meal for us, I don’t have your names but I do have your photo below, many thanks and your efforts were very much appreciated.

There were many members on hand to help with the running of the day and Umpires, the husband and wife combo of Ted and Lyn Ryan, certainly earned their dessert as did the extra markers, raffle sellers, barman etc.

But let’s move on to the exciting part.

Consolation 3rd: Lee Newing (Lilydale)

Consolation 2nd:

Consolation 1st: Doug Brough (Mornington)

Then the last eight in the main draw from the 24 best performed:

8th Norm Dickson (Warragul)

7th Ann Power (City of Frankston)

6th Kevin Vaughan (City of Frankston)

5th Tom Bee (Blue Hills)

4th Joe Noble (City of Frankston)

3rd John Cobden (City of Frankston)

2nd Graeme Avery (Karingal)

1st   Peter Wells (City of Frankston)

It was announced today that Lilydale have changed the format of their Armed Day, next Sunday 19th Nov. ’16, to 2X4X2……but still 3 games of 12 ends.  They have the numbers, so if you are considering this event “get in quick”!

Armadale is on 27th Nov. ’16. See you there!

( Peter Toovey and mate J.Y. as I sit here enjoying a scotch I’d have to say …. you did not win; but it wasn’t me! Truly, you’d have to blame Andrew from Belverdere Club for that one.)



City of Echuca Armed Pairs 13 Nov ’16

City of Echuca’s first Bowlers Arm tournament was held today with 14 teams. Unfortunately play was abandoned after one game due to rain.
Cards were fanned and the lucky winners were Lorna Howell and Ken Taggart. Lloyd Ritchie and Keith Platfuss were declared 2nd with Vern Rehe and Gordon Johnstone 3rd. Kevin Cox and his partner won the jackpot. Thanks to the teams who travelled long distances to participate. Hopefully the weather will be kinder next year.

(Report and photo courtesy of Joan Moss – thanks Joan!)


Werribee Tourny 6 Nov ’16 Check tomorrow. 14/11/16.

Werribee held its 2nd annual armed event on Sun 6th Nov. “16 with Tony Long of St. Leonards backing up last year’s win with another, this time with cohorts Ted Stephens and Les Awty, from Queenscliff.

They played 3 games of 10 ends in the 2 bowl triples format, winning the first game by +1, the second game also +1 and came home rampaging with a massive +17 in their last game, enough to pip their closest rivals for the major prize of $240.

As luck would have it, their nearest rivals (runner’s up Norm Dickson and Brian Barby of Warragul with Jim Cuthbertson of Yallourn) dropped a 5 on their last end while Tony and team picked up a 5 on their last end. Those two last ends reversed the standings. How cut throat is that! Congrats to both teams.

Best 2nd game winners were: Alan Walter (Barwon Heads), Ken Taggart (Maryborough), Ted Tyrrell (Hoppers Crossing).

Salad rolls and sweets were enjoyed by all at lunch break and afternoon tea was served after the game.  The day was sponsored by “Health & Mobility”.



Mt Martha “Stick to ’em” 2 Bowl Armed Triples – 30 Oct ’16

Mt. Martha’s “Stick it to ‘em” Armed Bowls, 2 Bowls Triples snuck in with a full day of unexpected sunshine. A gentle breeze strengthened but the challenge was more welcome than not, for some.

The day was sponsored by Angove’s Wines, who are well known supporters of many Bowling Clubs, and much appreciated by us all. President Val Stanley represented the company who were unable to attend today.

Visitors came from: Beleura Village, City of F’ston, Croydon, Dromana, Edithvale, Karingal, Main Ridge, Monbulk, Mordialloc, Mornington Civic, Rosebud, South Oakleigh & West Rosebud. (Mt Martha also had teams playing.)

Luc Chatham, and her fellow helpers in the kitchen (Jan Parker, Lyn Mathews, Ann Chatham, Marg Welch, Isabel and Moya) put on a superb spread for lunch, after greeting us with savoury French sticks and fruit loaf on arrival. Lunch was a superb lasagne with a delightful salad & French stick.

Lunch came after our first 10 ends and we finished them at about 11.45. I was happy with the 10-end format, but on the day (a day after Pennant) some found it hard.

What really impressed me is that the Club has 1.5 mitre measures in every, end of rink, shed!

Hat’s off to you, Mt Martha for enabling a “Play by the Rule’s” Event.

To other Clubs: If your Club does not have this in place…well, perhaps you should consider.

1st Game winners were: Barry Fossey (Skip), Graeme Avery (2nd) & Kevin Tourney (L) from Karingal.

(They were 1 shot away from being outright winners!)

2nd Game winners were: Greg. Cripps, Nola Oborne & Ray Owen from Mt Martha.

3rd Game winners were: John Malcolm, Ray Palstra & Bruce McDonald from West Rosebud.

Runner’s Up were: Peter Wilding, John Pollock & Gordon Halsall from Mornington Civic/Croydon.

Winners were: A.J. Parker, Roy Farrell & Mike Whitty from Mt Martha & South Oakleigh. (Happy 40th anniversary to Mike & Mrs Mike Whitty!)

Many thanks to Kevin Dungey, Greg Cripps and all at Mt Martha that made this day so pleasurable, enjoyable and smooth running for us all.

Special thanks to Bowling Section President and Club Vice President Val Stanley for all her help and company today.

See ya all here again next year! (Click on the photos to enlarge)



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Karingal Armed Triples – 23 Oct ’16

Karingal got lucky after yesterday’s rain event left bowlers otherwise bereft of a weekend game of bowls.

It was cool…and warm and occasionally windy but there was no rain to spoil our day. The greens (by Daniel) were very impressive to say the least.

Teams came from: Armadale, Baxter Village, Blue Hills, Chadstone, City of Frankston, Cranbourne, Dromana, Edithvale, Elsternwick, Hastings, Heathmont, Karingal, Lower Tarwin, Melb CC, Mentone, Mt Martha, Warragul, Whittlesea, Wonthaggi. Some of the above did not turn up (?), which was a terrible predicament for the tournament organiser, Graeme Avery. Graeme you managed beautifully and we thank you and sincerely hope you are relaxing now.

It was 3 games of 13 grueling ends in the 2 bowl triples format.

Most teams were in for the sumptuous lunch of 1 hamburger, 2 sausages, mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, all the sauces and a beautiful soft bread roll with apple pie and ice cream as dessert by 12.00 noon. (Dr. Jeff came in a little late, but I’m sure he got to enjoy it too.) Lucky Phil (Gude) won a raffle prize as did A.J. Parker …the other winners name eludes me. Nice to see a $1 raffle!

Those who slaved in the kitchen to “make our day” were: Colin Burley, Barbara Burley, Margaret Tabener, Ivan Gibson (on the BBQ), & Glenys Smith (Ladies President).

Sponsors of the day were Solomons Flooring of Albury/ Wodonga 02 60568611

And, now for the all-important winners list:

Best 1st Game (+19) – A. J.  Parker and team Bob Campbell (L) and Mike Whitty (3rd).

Best 2nd Game (+11) – Pamela Bryant and team Glen Baskett (Skip), Kaye Cramond (L)

Best 3rd Game (+10) – Carolyn Burgess and team John Roberts and Colin Dale.

Runner’s /Up (3wins +6 shots) – Doug Algie and team Allan Voice, and Kevin Vorbach.

Winners – (3wins +46 shots) – Graham Peck’s team Phil Gude (Skip) and Ray Arnold (3rd).

Fabulous day Karingal …. I’ll be back to make my 2-peat (2nd game win) a 3-peat.

(Missed you Norm Dickson!)



Karingal 2 Scoreboard.JPG

Mooroopna Armed Triples  – 25 Sep ’16

Mooroopna Bowls Club had a great day with weather in fine form (no rain and sun shining with a cool breeze)

Ten teams participated with some bowlers traveling from distant Clubs such as Whittlesea, Yarra Valley, Wangaratta, Seymour, Shepparton, all mixing in well with our own Mooroopna members.

The contest was over 3 games of 12 ends of 2 bowls Triples played on our lovely carpet green. Too much rain for play on our lovely grass greens, alas.

At the end of the day, only one team had 3 wins with 5 teams winning 2 games each.

Ultimate winners were Mike Limosani (Skip) Eric Floyd and John Gillard, a composite team from Yarra Valley & Rosanna Clubs

Runners up were a team of Allan Walter (Skip) Ken Taggett and Lorna Howell, a composite team from Barwon Heads, Maryborough & Horsham.

Best Game Winners each game: R Reseigh, Team Donald; T Marsili, Team Swan Hill; D Millsteed, Team Swan Hill.

One game preceded a great lunch and two games followed after.

Games were played in great spirit and a most enjoyable day was had by all.

Thanks Arthur Drust for this report. Click on the photos to enlarge.



Shepparton Park Open Triples – 24 Sep ’16

Shepparton Park put on a fabulous armed event day today with a 3 game, 12 ends format of 2 bowl triples.

“A great day was had by all that attended, and a fantastic 2 course lunch was put on by our wonderful ladies  We all thank them very much for their contribution.

Winners of the Day were: Skipper Allen Walter, Second Ken Taggett and Lead Lorna Howell, who had 3 wins for 56 points +21 shots up.

Second place went to: Skipper Barry Anset, Second Peter (Boxer) Brodie and Lead Robert Anset, with 2 and 1/2 games with 50 points +26 shots up.

The raffle was won by Jim Campbell (a Bowler’s Arm how fantastic!) and Karen Peacock (Finley) got second prize a (Steady Stick).” (Karen, I don’t think you need it!! But what a great asset for your Club. Ed.)

(Thank you, Ross Higgins for this report)

Karen Peacock & Jim Campbell.jpg

Let’s remember that Mooroopna has a big Armed Bowlers day tomorrow!

Check tomorrow for their report.

Swan Hill Open 2 Bowl Triples – 10 Sep ’16

Swan Hill’s Bowling Arm Classic Tournament went ahead last Saturday, the 10th September, with an impressive list of combatants competing for the generous spoils.

The format of the day was Open 2 Bowl Triples and your personal $20 entry fee covered morning tea, a hot lunch and afternoon tea (how good is that?). Eighteen teams competed enjoying the day, and the first class hospitality.

Visiting teams came from Barwon Heads, Maryborough, St James, Bendigo, Cohuna, Barham and Donald as well as representatives from other local, to Swan Hill, clubs. Winners were Graeme (The Big G) Edwards (Swan Hill), Barry Ansett & Lee Wesley (Bendigo) all current or past members of the fabulous Armed Vic’s State Squad proving their steadfast talent.   Runner’s up were G. Smith, Bill King, G. Clark (Swan Hill).  Best Game winners for each game were R. Reseigh & team (Donald Golf), T. Marsili & team (Swan Hill) and D. Millsteed & team (Swan Hill).

Thanks to Owen Lewis & Barry  Husson in the absence of our Green  Keeper  for preparing the greens, and also all those who  assisted during the week.

Swan Hill Bowls are sincerely grateful to our sponsors of this unique event, being:-Clarks Gift Salon, Country Hearing  Care  and  Mallee Physio.

The Hot Lunch of Soup and a Pie or  Pastie  served with vegetables was most welcome on such a cool day, by all players.

Sincere appreciation to our Providore, Lynda  King,  Assisted by: Norma, Judy, Esther, June & Bev.

Thanks to Philip Jennings for being “Umpire of The Day” and score recorder and to any others who helped make the day successful –  especially all the Armed Bowlers for taking   up the challenge. This event  will be run again next year and the team that travelled the furthest  has already put their entry  in!

(This event is also an Honour Board event and perhaps the very first of its kind?)

Well done Swan Hill!

(Sincere thanks to Bill & Lynda King for their report & photos )



Finley R. S. B. C. “Arm Tussle”  – 28 Aug ’16 – Report from the Organizer and Club Secretary, Karen Peacock (Thank you Karen for this wonderful report!)

Sunday 28th August saw 12 teams made up of players from Mordialloc, Kyabram, Shepparton Park, Whittlesea, Barwon Heads, Deniliquin RSL, Finley BC, Oaklands, Finley RSC, Barooga, Cobram & Picola take to the greens for the 2016 Finley RSC BC’s “Bowlers Arm Tussle”. Format this year was 3 bowl pairs played over 2 games of 8 ends before lunch & 1 game of 10 ends after.

Sunny skies, light winds & beautifully prepared 15-16 second greens greeted the bowlers as they began the battle for the honour of being this year’s Bowlers Arm Champs.

Going into lunch of soup & sandwiches prepared by the organisers, there were four teams with 2 games up who went out after lunch hoping for that elusive third game.

Congratulations go to our winners for 2016 representing Deniliquin RSL BC- Brian Clancy (Skip) & Peg Dankhert who chalked up 3 wins – 49 points from R/U Allan Walter (Skip) & Kerry Ralph (Barwon Heads) on 3 wins – 47 points. These two teams have traveled to Finley RS since the first “Tussle” event 3 years ago & have finally made a podium finish – much to their delight. Third place went to Christopher Preddy (Skip) & Robert Anset from Kyabram with 2 wins, a draw – 40 points. Our encouragement award went to Ken Taggart (Skip) Maryborough Highlands & Jim Maxwell (Finley BC).

My thanks go to all who participated & assisted in this year’s event (Club President Max Lewis who assisted in the organisation of the event and those in the kitchen, around the grounds, in the office and elsewhere: Joyce Thomas, Di Retallick, Max Lewis,  Jeff Peacock, Members & Committee) for making this annual event a success.

Finley RS BC will again be holding the “Bowlers Arm Tussle” on the last Sunday of August 2017, so all you arm bowlers out there mark the date in your calendars, come up, join in, enjoy our great greens, weather & hospitality. Karen Peacock

(Editor’s note; Congrats Clanga & Peg!)

Click here for the Bowls Vic. report



City of Frankston – 10 Apr ’16

I’m always amazed at how well City of Frankston run their days! Today’s “Battle of the Arms” is probably one of their best, but when you consider the demographic of those they need to attract, then NO ONE does it like them, nor ever has. This is the Original “Battle of the Arm’s” (Bowlers using mechanical arms only.) event and it started 8 years ago at the City of Frankston courtesy of Alby Ashley and Richard Sissons.

I believe Edithvale won the first, skipped by Frank Baguley and you can read about Frank on this site.

We were all treated today to a wonderful collage of tasties and it started on arrival with a selection of Gluten free or otherwise tidbits, followed up with a lunch of Chicken with gravy, veg, salad and a cheesy potato thingy for main course, and a dessert of tarts & pies with cream and strawberries! Cream sponges, cheese and bickies at afternoon tea rounded off the day. How wonderful is that! I only mention that, as that is now the benchmark for others! Well worth the $25 entry fee. The raffles were also…..out of this world in no.

As promised, by Richard Keogh he kept the rain away and put on a sunny day and as stated by Richard Sissons contrary to last year’s green speed of 2 running, 1 walking, …. we had 3 running.

Thank you to the Sponsor of this “Bumper Day” “Darren Dowel of Harcourt Real Estate” 

Darren was there for all the presentations and I’m sure he enjoyed the day as well.

Winners as I’m sure you want to know, started out with:

Best First Game: John Baker and team from Mooroolbark with +11 (winning on count back).

Best Second Game:   Richard Bailey and team from Seaford with +14.

Best third Game: Bill McLorinan and team from Mt Eliza with +20.

Then we went to the Major Winners who were:

Fourth: Bob Ormisher and team from City of Frankston with 6 points +15.

Third: Hans Bischofberger and team from Wonthaggi with6 points +19.

Runner’s Up: Jim Cuthbertson and team from Warragul with 6 points +25.

Winner’s: Peter Gribben and team from Pakenham with 6 points + 34!

(Eric Floyd and team were the other 6 points winner’s, but today +8 was not enough.)

Teams came from everywhere today, I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow, but can you believe it there were 42 teams entered and 43 Clubs represented!!!

A highlight of the day was the awarding of a “Distinguished Service Award” to Richard Sissons by Janice Sellers,  President,  Peninsula/Casey Bowls Region.

(More about Richard later, as he will appear in our Profile Section.)

All participants were given a commemorating photo taken by C o F Club President & Chairman Craig  Williams (thanks Craig).

Well done City of Frankston! More tomorrow folks.

Scoreboard Battle '16.PNG



Sale – 26 Mar ’16

Today’s “Call to Arms” event has been run and won.
A huge thanks to Panther Tyre’s from Lara for sponsoring the day, without sponsors these tournaments couldn’t happen.
1st John Lewis, Barry Roberts, Kevin Brown -Lakes Entrance
2nd Terry Gilmore, Barry Anset, Mal Finch – Composite
3rd Brian Woodland, J McQuinn, J Anderson – Bairnsdale
4th Pat O’Brien, Gary Davidson, Mick Butcher -Composite
5th Geoff Bath, John Bulmer, Norm Dickson -Composite (Well done, John (Drouin) & Norm (Warragul)

Sincere thanks to Jan Morton of Sale for this report and photos which are also view-able on



Edithvale – 20 Mar ’16

Edithvale held its third “Armed & Dangerous” tournament today in brilliant sunshine.

Our Sat. President and Tournament Director Ian Wilding, coped beautifully with some early hiccups and ran the day single handily, like clockwork.

We have been extremely lucky and thankful to have had Mark Dreyfus Q. C. &  M. P. sponsor us on this day for many years, and after a marathon sitting in Parliament, we also thank his wife for the leave pass to attend today event. We appreciate his effort in joining  us fresh from his early morning Charity Bay Swim. (Brrrr…..not quite warm enough for most!)

26 teams competed coming from:

Mentone, City of Frankston, Mordialloc, Cranbourne, Ringwood, Karingal, Lilydale, MCC, Warragul, Drouin, Glen Waverley, Burden Park, Armadale, Rosedale, Balnarring, Narre Warren, Whittlesea, Main Ridge/Dromana. That was a wonderful turn up and we hope you enjoyed our company.

Today was a Medley Pairs Tournament with 9 ends in each of the disciplines 2X2X2X2, 2X4X2 and 2X2.

Winners – Best 1st game Peter Dixon & Jack Foley (Mordialloc) +8

Winners – Best 2nd game A J Parker and Partner (Main Ridge) +14

Winners – Best 3rd game Ian Eichfuss and Jeff Saunders (MCC) +11

AND the very important Major Winners were:

Runners up – Alan Dawson (Narre Warren) and Ann Power (City of Frankston) 3 wins +28

Winners – Michael Rose and John Snell (Lilydale) 3 wins +33

For those that didn’t win the money there was always the chance of getting 1 of the 4 bunch’s of beautiful gerbaras, courtesy of Frank Baguley. (Our Synthetic Green is named after our Life Member and Super Vet. Frank and his late wife Isobel). Frank played beautifully today to the chagrin of some.

I was thrilled to see John Snell play in his FIRST armed day at our Club. He had a blinder of a day, and so did his partner Michael who had only taken up the arm 3 months ago! John quipped that Michael however, “did have a good Coach”.  Well done to you both.

Many thanks too: Pauline Bourn , Barb & Norm Overson, Julie & Rob Bennett, Bob Steele, Mary Weston, Margaret Williams, Sally King, Barb & Terry Cheshire and if I didn’t mention you please let me know ASAP. Nice also to see some of our members there to observe.

(Photos courtesy of Rob Bennett)

Armed 20 Mar '16 EDI