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Important notice from Allan Starrett re-the 2020 NSW Bowlers Arm Singles Tournament, 17-18 Feb 2020.

Hi, Please find below the entry form for the 2020 NSW Bowlers Arm Singles Tournament which is to be held at East Maitland, Beresfield and Hexham Bowling Clubs on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th February 2020.

Closing date is Friday 7th February but it is advised to enter as early as possible as places do fill quickly.  Nominations will be listed in priority order and a reserve list will also be compiled.

This event is used as a basis for selection to the 2020 NSW Woomeras who will be playing at the Bowls Australia National Bowling Arm Championships at Warnbro BC in Western Australia, September 6 – 11.

It would be appreciated if the flyer could be copied and placed on club notice boards, magazines or websites to provide opportunity for as many players as possible to participate.

Cheers, Allan Starrett (Stephen Allan Starrett),

(Click the link below for the official entry form)

2020 NSW Bowlers Arm Singles Tournament ENTRY FORM


sn 2

sn 3 1

3-4 Feb 2020 Teralba Pairs

Flyer for the Bowling Arm Pairs Tournament at Teralba on Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th February 2020. (CLICK HERE)

Teralba, 3 & 4 Feb '20

Event limited to 28 teams and there have been some entries already and entries are listed on receipt.

Please fell free to forward this on to those you may know would be interested using the media options available to you.

17-18 Oct ’19 – Teralba 2 bowl triples – 2 day event!

CLICK HERE to download the flyer.

To get in on the action email or phone 02 4958 1407

Teralba 2bt's 17 & 18 Oct '19

13 Oct ’19 – Finley RSC Open Pairs “Arm Tussle”

Finley Flyer sn

Finley RSC B.C. “Arm Tussle” Open Pairs.
10.00am, 3 Games (2X4X2, 3 Bowl & 2 Bowl.) $50 includes light lunch and morning cuppa.
Contact Karen 0458324004. 1st Prize $200, 2nd Prize $150 & Lucky Draw $100.

Monday 2 Sept. ’19. Newport B. C. –  “Battle of the Arms”, for Sydney-ites.

Its Open 3 Bowl Pairs, 3X12 ends. To download the flyer CLICK HERE.

Newport 1Newport 2

















Mon 5 Aug ’19 to Wed 7 Aug ’19 Euston Bowls Club 

Alas this event has had to be cancelled. (19 Jul ’19.) Thanks Tony Scott for the great effort you tirelessly put in for us Armed Bowlers. Unfortunately the numbers just weren’t there at this time.



(Click on the Circles to enlarge)

NSW Nominated Open Pairs – Beresfield – 4 Aug ’19

NSW Nom Open Prs Beres 4 Aug '19

The Woomera’s Vs. The Armigo’s – 8 Jul ’19  

Hi, to ensure that all players who travel to participate in the annual Woomera’s vs. Armigos (either at Port Macquarie or Newcastle), there is to be an inclusion of those from both squads/teams who would have perhaps missed out on a game by either roster or being a reserve, to play in conjunction with the Side Managers in two pairs games.

The addition to the original Golden Arm Trophy is the new Armageddon Shield: Clash of the Managers.

(No apologies will be provided or offered for the use of “ARMageddon” and “Shield” as this Clash of Managers will be a grudge match extraordinaire …… no doubt an epic battle of enduring historic and legendary importance!!!!!!!)

Each trophy or shield will be awarded on the usual total of points and margins.

Included below is the proposed NSW Woomeras team and a general overview of the anticipated program.

Hope everyone like me is really looking forward to this thoroughly enjoyable and challenging event. Cheers, Allan Starrett.

ABA says Woomera’s are: (a wooden Australian Aboriginal spear-throwing device. It serves as an extension of the human arm, enabling a spear to travel at a greater speed and force than possible with only the arm.)

Armigo’s are: (Male and friendly.)  Help me out here?

NSW Woomeras Vs. Zone 14 Armigos –  Golden Arm Trophy & Armageddon Shield.

Monday 8th July, Hibbard Sport Centre, Address: 52 Boundary St, Port Macquarie NSW 2444. Phone: (02) 6584 9276

9.00am Registration

9.15am Calling of Cards

9.30am Golden Arm Trophy: Singles & Fours; Armageddon Shield: Clash of the Managers: Game 1

NSW Woomeras Teams

Golden Arm Trophy: Singles & Fours

Singles: 4 Bowls

Capararo Kedwell Mann

Fours:  2 Bowls

Lead Duncan Stephanis Bookless
2nd Ashbridge Percival Mackenzie
3rd Dodd Mowday Douglas
Skip Starrett Wrzeczycki Bowes

Armageddon Shield: Game 1

Pairs:  3 Bowls

Lead Flynn L. Dodd
Skip Molyneux Wilton

12.00 – 1.00pm Lunch

1.15pm – Golden Arm Trophy: Pairs & Triples; Armageddon Shield: Clash of the Managers: Game 2

Golden Arm Trophy: Pairs & Triples

Pairs:  4 Bowls

Lead Percival Mowday Douglas
Skip Capararo Kedwell Mann

Triples:  2 Bowls

Lead Ashbridge Flynn Duncan
2nd Dodd Wilton Mackenzie
Skip Starrett Wrzeczycki Bowes

Armageddon Shield: Game 2

Pairs:  3 Bowls

Lead Stephanis L. Dodd
Skip Molyneux Bookless

3.30pm – Presentation of Golden Arm Trophy and Armageddon Shield.

Last year’s winners were: ” The Woomeras”


Notice from Allan Starrett regarding the 2019 Armed Season

Hi there, please find attached the flyer for the 2019 NSW Bowling Arm Singles Tournament to be hosted by Beresfield and East Maitland Bowling Clubs.

All entries should be forwarded by email as soon as possible as there are limited nomination opportunities.

As in the past, this tournament will provide an additional occasion for the NSW Woomeras Selectors to monitor performances for selections in the 2019 NSW Woomeras team to play at Tranmere SA in September.  That team will consist of a squad of 18 players, two of whom are to be women along with a Manager and Assistant Manager.

Cheers, Allan Starrett (Stephen Allan Starrett)

(02) 4009 1466 or  04 044 69 669

Click the link below to download the flyer to your computer.

2019 NSW Bowlers Arm Singles Tournament (002)

2019 NSW2019 NSW. 2

What’s coming up in N.S.W. for 2019

“In 2019, with some specific dates as yet not set, but to be advised later; the following will take place:

NSW Bowling Arm Singles for Woomeras selection will be at Beresfield and East Maitland in March

NSW Woomeras v Zone 14 Armigos in July at Zone 14

NSW Nominated Bowling Arm Pairs in August at Beresfield (this has been deferred due to 2018 green refurbishment at Beresfield)

7th National  Bowling Arm Sides Championships at Tranmere, Adelaide S.A. Sunday 8th – Thursday 12th September.

NSW Bowling Squad training will be again conducted on the first Tuesday of each month with the host club yet to be determined.”

Each state is seeking the services of an Assistant Coordinator to help in the organisation of the team’s participation at the National event.  For N.S.W. , if you are interested in taking on this demanding role, please return email me with a brief summary of relevant skills and experience in order that it can be considered by the NSW Woomeras Committee at its next meeting on 28th September. (Courtesy Allan Starrett)

Events in the pipeline:

Click on the blue link for each event to reveal the flyer or other information. (Did you know, you can also check out the results from last years tournaments (with photos) under the heading “Tournament Results” and “NSW”?

11 May ’19 Finley Bowls Club “Arm Tussle” 3 Bowl Pairs.

2X8 ends, 1X10 ends. Contact Karen: 0458 324 004

31 Jan-1 Feb ’19 Teralba Pairs

Click this link to download the flyer to your computer. or 02 4958 1407


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