South Australia

Sturt Pea 2
S. A. Bowling Arm Players Assoc.

Mon 5 Aug ’19 to Wed 7 Aug ’19 Euston Bowls Club 

This could be the BEST (most accessible) ARMED BOWLS 3 Day TOURNAMENT EVER!

All we need is YOU! If you live in Vic., S.A., or N.S.W., it’s on your doorstep. We need to get-together on/at this one.  We have “stuff” to discuss(?)  I urge you to support this event!

Tranmere Dates for 2018

  • 7 May, 4 Jun, 2 Jul, 6 Aug, 3 Sep, 1 Oct, 5 Nov and 3 Dec 2018. Read more about this further down this page, or contact

22nd -23rd Apr. ’18  Trials to choose the S. A. State Team will be held on Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd April 2018. Entry forms to take part in the Trial can be downloaded from the ‘Forms’ page of the S.A.  website.

19th Mar ’17 – Kapunda Cosmo’s Fours 

19 Aug ’16 Please welcome and note South Australia’s new website address  Check it out!

May ’16 – “A self-funded Australian Bowling Arm Team has been chosen from National Championships participants to tour New Zealand. They are:

VIC – Barry Anset, Ray Arnold, Doug Corrigan, Harry Dahllof, Phil Gude, Tony Long, Ann Power, Adele Ryan, Lee Wesley.

NSW – Mick Cleary, Jeff King, John Passfield, Allan Starrett, Roger Sydenham, Stan Wrzeczycki.

SA – Arch Baxter, Rodney Egge, Stuart Reither, Don Sheldon.

Q’ld  – David Johnson.

State Bowling Arm Singles Championships (Open event)
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 10th-12th April 2016

State Team Trials
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 17th-19th April 2016

Entry forms for these events will be sent to Clubs in January but we are giving prior notice because many people like to plan trips away after the end of the bowls season.

Regards, Rodney Egge, State Bowling Arm Coordinator.

The South Australian Bowling Arm Association Inc. meet on the first Monday of the Month (except Jan.) at the Tranmere B.C. (S.A.), coaching is also available. (The October venue also is subject to change because of Tranmere’s previous long term engagement.)


The South Australian Bowling Arm Association Inc. has a membership of about 120 members. President Vince Daly says:
“Just to give you a run down, the things we are involved in are:
We meet once a month on the first Monday at the Tranmere Bowling Club, Magill Road, Tranmere at 12 noon.
There we select teams from our players and usually have 2 X 8 ends of bowls during the afternoon.
Afternoon tea is available.
We finish around 5.00 pm.
Our annual membership fee is $5.00 this covers stationary costs etc. To bowl at our Bowling Day costs $5, this covers our use of the greens to Tranmere where we pay a nominal fee for each player.
There are many bowlers at the moment looking at Bowling Arms so at our Meeting Day, we offer numerous arms for them to look at and they can then go away and buy what suits. We offer coaching by experienced bowlers for around 2 hours free of charge, after that time they are positioned into a team for further experience in the use of the arm they wish to use.
Prior to them purchasing an arm they are measured up so they know what arm is proper for them to use in the future.
We also offer coaching Free of Charge to any Clubs that have aged or injured players that are looking at giving the sport away. This Coaching Session is carried out at the Clubs who have asked us to attend, and they find that many of their players, previously looking at quitting, are staying!.
We stress at these sessions that you need not give up the sport you love and also that your fitness and the company is of most importance. (Clubs do not want to lose your expertise!)
At these sessions we usually have 50 -60 people turn up and around 87% will start using an arm during the day. We allow them to play about 10 ends to give it a try, the comments after the games are great to hear with a lot of them commenting that they are after all the ends, are not aching or sore, so in essence we have achieved what we set out to do.
Vince Daly
President, South Australian Bowling Arm Association Inc.
You can Email President Vince at

South Aust. usually holds a State Singles Championship event in March/April. This event is open to every bowler in S.A. using a bowling arm or not, and whether or not you are a member of the South Australian Bowling Arm Association Inc. Check with the association. Please also check out their NEW website

“We are always looking for opportunities to put one or more Bowling Arm rinks in local club carnivals. Our membership officer sends out a monthly email notifying members of upcoming carnivals and calling for expressions of interest from members who would like to play in a Bowling Arm rink at one of those carnivals. We put the rinks together from those interested and enter the rinks as a team from the Bowling Arm Association.
These events are not only good fun to play as a bowling arm rink against able bodied players but also they are very good publicity and help educate the general bowling public about the benefits of using a bowling arm.”

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