Latest from our Tassie Bros. (and Sis’s). 16 Oct ’17

“We have as of today 21 applicants for our Coaching Clinic that will be held this Wednesday 18th October at Kings Meadow Indoor Bowls Complex.

This total comprises of Bowler’s Arm players, intending players and coaches. The coaches may be bowlers but, are not Bowler’s Arm players. They may want to know how to coach bowler’s arm players in the future, or when they may be called upon to do so.

We also have at this time another 2 Coaching Clinics that will be held at Burnie Bowls Indoor Complex on Friday 20th October 2017 with 29 applicants so far and Howrah Community Bowls Centre on Monday 23rd October 2017 with 7 applicants to date.


All Coaching Clinics are still open for bookings but will close by 7pm the evening before the scheduled Coaching Clinics commencement. Enrolees are asked to bring a lunch as there are no amenities on site.

I will have some photos to add to this update from Wednesday, and will also have pics from Burnie and Howrah plus any other news.

This project is so remarkable with the applications and also the many enquiries for information, that I am totally ‘blown away’ and so proud of the work that my committee and myself have put into this event becoming a reality.

I also thank the Armed Bowlers of Tasmania for supporting me and the coaches.

A special ‘Thank You’ to Allan Starrett for giving his time and expertise so freely, to get us started in Tasmania.

Regards, Owen Preston.

For Tasmanian’s…..your “go to” person is Owen Preston. Please drive him crazy with your interest in Armed Bowls at Tel: [03]6302-3377  or email ellis96@tpg.com.au

He’s sitting there, just waiting for your call!

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