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Interesting comment from a fellow bowler, who didn’t know I was an armed bowler. (Ed.)

“I’ve never seen an armed bowler do better than they were before the arm, but some have clawed their way back to where they were.” Love it…that about sums it up!

Comment  from Carol Klop in response to Hans Gaymans thoughts below

  •  I agree totally with the writer that ALL bowlers should be allowed to use a bowling arm if they choose.

Comment from Hans Gaymans

  • “I have been giving the following issue a bit of thought.
    We have been bowling with arms now for many years and have copped plenty of critics how easy it is to use one of those things.
    I propose that the organisation starts negotiations to make bowling arms legal for all bowlers. This will stop any critics and they can find out for themselves that if you do not have an handicap of some sort it will not make you a better bowler.
    They forget that the person using an arm would have been a much better bowler without an bowling arm and no medical handicap. It is worth a discussion.”

Col. Griffin has sent this fictional story for your enjoyment (?)

“Lawn Bowls is Booming”, By Mango Chutney, © C.J. Griffin all rights reserved.
This is Fiction, or as Donald Trump Says: “Fake News”

“Lawn bowls is Booming”

The Bowls Authorities have created a new class of lawn bowls called “Ability” .

Bending to bowl is now optional.

“Ability” is becoming popular because bowls “delivery aids” like bowling arms, walking frames, wheelchairs, and gloves have been de-regulated.

Lawn Bowls was on the decline but now it is booming, thanks to de-regulation.

“Ability” is a non-discriminatory class of bowls where you can use any “aids or means” to deliver your bowl. The “aids or means of delivering your bowl” do not have to be approved, and you do not have to prove you are disabled to be an “Ability” bowler.

The Laws of Bowls still apply.


1. The integrity of the greens remain the responsibility of the bowls clubs .
2. If anyone damages a green then the club has the right to recover their costs.

Auto Release Bowling Arms.
The easiest way to learn to bowl.

Bowling arms have been difficult to get the point of release right, but now auto release arms make it easy.

Bowls comps can be
1. Classic
2. Ability
3. Open

For mixed games with Classic and Ability players it remains the same, teams are selected on merit.

If you have arthritis, crook backs, blind, deaf, mentally challenged, or coordination issues, then Ability Bowls is for you.

There is no need to be a couch potato anymore.

If age or injury has made you give up playing golf, tennis, football, netball, cricket, hockey, table tennis. rock climbing or motor sports then give the new BOOM sport a go: Ability Bowls.

The End
(All the above is the imaginative work of the author, it is fiction!)


From Jeff Gilmour: 

Q. is how do you get the correct judgment for distance I want to know I just get lost with it…

A.  May I suggest…..? you look at, read all, and think about what all the Coaches have to say at or if you are near Preston Reservoir, you should attend their Coaching Clinic on 25th Feb ’18. it’s all there for you at Cheers Pamela

Thank you Pamela for this ..I will be looking into what you have just sent me. Jeff.

Jeff, there’s other YouTube s that are very helpful, think of weight as if you were throwing a tennis ball to someone 2 metres away, then do it 4 metres, then do it 6 metres away. You will have naturally drawn you arm back further and speeded up your delivery. The best you can do is, know where your bowl turns (say half way) then draw your eyes back and bowl on a line that goes to the point of turn.… AND  is also worth a view. Bowl to your aiming line, draw your eyes back and don’t look to the Jack. Cheers Pamela 

Thanks very much for this reply ..I will be back on the green in the morning and put this advise into action as in trying at different lengths with a few jacks down the green as far as the T an watching the bowl draw back onto the Kitty each time ….would this be right …Cheers Jeff

The “constant angle” is your main tool. That’s looking at the inches (sorry I’m old fashioned) 8-10 feet out from the centre line (or imaginary centre line), that way the angle never changes when the mat moves up and back. If you look at the peg… that’s when you have to figure out how far in or out of the peg you need to be ….it just doesn’t work if you are trying to find weight, as you are. Find your constant angle, follow your opponent in the first 8 ft if they’re bang on or, if you are skipping this can also be achieved by watching on coming bowls in relation to the centre line. Magic! Hope I’ve helped? Cheers Pamela

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